The Biggest Deal in History

The United States recently completed a deal that will ensure 60 billion dollars is poured into their coffers. The contract was signed in Riyadh on the 24th of December of last year and will see Saudi Arabia greatly enhance their military capabilities. The agreement is the largest arms deal in US history with the United States being the biggest exporter of weaponry in the world. As part of the deal, Saudi Arabia will receive 84 new F-15 fighter jets (and an upgrade on another 70), 70 Apache helicopters, 72 Black Hawk helicopters and 36 Little Bird helicopters. Not surprisingly, this has been a cause for concern for Iran.

However, this should also be a concern for other people in the Middle East, namely the people that are not rich or in power. As was shown earlier in 2011, when Bahrain’s population rose up against a corrupt regime, Saudi Arabia stepped in along with the United Arab Emirates by sending in 1,500 troops as part of a brutal crackdown on the protesters. The United Arab Emirates also recently received military aid from Washington, in the form of 3.48 Billion dollars for missile defense. The fact that two strong US allies stepped in to help another US consort should be seen as an example of the dominance Washington is exhibiting in the Middle East. After all, Bahrain is host to the US navy’s fifth fleet.

The United States wants to ensure that their assets are protected and that whoever exercises power in the Middle East does so under their watchful eye. However, the problem that has slowly been arising is the fact that the US does not yet have complete control over the Orient. At least one contender remains.

When a dictator under the United States goes rogue, I suspect there are several steps that are taken. First, there is bribing and a certain amount (if little) appeasing, then there are direct threats and when all else fails there is a military invasion. This is similar to the scenarios we recently saw in Iraq and Libya and, judging by the rhetoric that is currently being displayed in Washington, is what we may soon see in Iran. Iran’s ostentatious displays of military might have displeased the American administration and almost more importantly, they have worried their closest allies, Israel, who was recently been behind another assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist.

No doubt, the beefing up of its allies surrounding Iran is no coincidence, as it would seem that the US is preparing for an imminent war. Do not let the recent cutback in ground troops that the Obama administration has undertaken fool you, this is simply because they are planning to increase the role unmanned drones and private contractors have in the battlefield. The fact that the US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta openly admitted that Iran is not trying to manufacture a nuclear weapon seems not to matter for the puppeteer’s war plans. Hopefully, the propaganda that we saw after 9/11 will not fool the American people again, otherwise, a war that began as a US quest for local dominance, could turn out to be much bigger.