Putin the new Stalin?

Russia’s recent parliamentary elections have provoked widespread criticism and fury, both across the Russian Federation and the International Community. Allegations have been made that the recent elections have been deeply entrenched in fraud and corruption. Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party has managed to still maintain majority control of the Duma – Russia’s Parliament, despite losing some of it’s MP’s and losing a share of it’s vote.

United Russia’s victory has led to widespread anti-Putin protests and demonstrations on the streets of Moscow that have been brutally cracked down on by Russian Police. To add to this new pressure on Putin, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has been reported as demanding a re-election immediately.

Vladimir Putin is a man who is no stranger to scrutiny, he is under more now than at any point. He is not just under pressure for the recent elections but because of added to this – his ambition to change the law so he can return as President of the Russian Federation and also his highly controversial ‘Silencing Bill’.

The Bill has attracted international outrage as it effectively crushes freedom of speech and signs away the rights of millions of Russian LGBT people making it a crime to speak publicly or come out as being gay, bi or transgender. It universally curbs sexual freedom and is a regression to Russian Democracy.

If Vladimir Putin gets his way – which is widely seen as the conclusion, he could return as President of Russia indefinitely as the law would be changed and he would in effect be completely in control of the Russian Federation without any major opposition.

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