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It’s been almost fifteen years since Jim, Stifler and gang were first introduced to us as a group of high school seniors who make a pact to all lose their virginity before prom. To put that in perspective, Blink 182 (who have a cameo in the original) became worldwide superstars, had three hit albums, disbanded, re-united, released a comeback album and had a worldwide tour in the time in-between; it’s been a long time.

American Pie: The Reunion - Poster Rights; Universal Pictures

American Pie did a fantastic job of capturing some of the awkward humour of teenage sex. It was so funny because it was – and is – so true (well perhaps not that infamous pie scene …). The Reunion doesn’t pretend to be about anything different from the original. SEX SEX SEX SEX. But it moves from the awkwardness of teenage sex to post-child married couples “rekindling the flame” stuff; I’m certainly no expert there but the premise is enough to get the gang back from their various enterprises for a High School reunion.

The first 15 minutes or so is very awkward , there’s a lot of clunky exposition about where the characters have been, what they were doing and trying to explain their absences from previous films ( they literally ask “Where is the other Milf guy?” because they know we’re all thinking it. It could have been a little more subtle than that!). If I’m honest, at this stage I really expected a disaster of Titanic proportions (well not that bad, at least this time 15 years later they’ve done a bit more than add an extra dimension to a simple idea). I hadn’t laughed – except at the bit I’d already seen in the trailer – & there was nothing to suggest that anything groundbreaking was on its way. But then…

Nothing groundbreaking came. However, a sort of familiarity settled in and all the jokes made me laugh, the situations made me cringe and the characters made me smile. That has always been the key with American Pie, the characters are likable because (somehow) everyone seems to be able to relate to them; either because we see the similarities in ourselves or in our friends. We’re comfortable with these characters and honestly, it’s just nice seeing them all back on screen together.

Although American Pie: The Reunion will win over no new fans with its somewhat tired formula and repetitious jokes, fans of the previous films will enjoy it all over again.


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