With just a matter of hours until Apple’s much anticipated Keynote event, iPhone enthusiasts and Macbook loyalists all remain poised as to what the boffins from Silicon Valley have up their sleeves. With that in mind, we take a look at 5 things that we expect to be announced by Apple.

1 : iPhone 6  & The iPhablet

The Autumn Apple Keynote is now something of an annual iPhone announcement. With the past 4 iPhones being announced during an Autumn press conference, chances are we will see the latest addition to the smartphone family in the shape of what has for some time been labelled the ‘iPhone 6′. Like the side by side announcement of the 5s and 5c, the rumour wave is predicting 2 different ‘iPhone 6′ models to be on show. One, a more traditional iPhone size between 4 and 5inches, the other, much larger, rumoured at over 5inches. This is fitting with findings Apple conducted themselves, concluding that there is no growth in the 4-inch phone market. By introducing a ‘phablet’ model Apple can keep up competition with Samsung who have recently found success in the phablet market with their S3 and S4 models.

Apple phablet

Internal Slides from an Apple Presentation were presented in a Court battle with samsung.

2: iOS 8

Following it’s announcement at WWDC in June expect to see how the latest software from Apple runs on a brand new piece of Apple hardware. Although it isn’t the overhaul in interface we saw from iOS 6 to iOS 7,  expect iOS 8 to play a leading role tomorrow  as it shows off what will make the next generation of Apple products the must have. Expect to also see Apple give more details on the improvements made to  mailing and in-app purchases as well the likely announcement of any USP’s, keeping up with the likes of Siri and finger print recognition.

3: NFC

Near Field Communication may be in almost all phones that aren’t iPhones but most companies aren’t taking advantage of the possibilities of the application of the touch and hook up technology. Contactless payment is becoming in vogue now and it’s looking all the more likely that Apple will include the tech in their new products. Industry experts say that Apple is in a unique position because of the number of users it has hooked up to the iTunes store with their card details, it would only be one step further to turn their phone into a portable payment machine. Forget wearables, this could very well revolutionise shopping.

4: iWatch

iwatch release date, iWatch, Iwatch rumours

A Picture of the iWatch? A piece of concept art. Rights; Brett Jordan

Although Apple have never formally commented on the infamously rumoured smart watch, it is believed a face will finally be put to the name at this year’s Keynote. With smart watches slowly picking up in popularity, mainly through Sony and

Samsung it’s all but officially guaranteed that Apple will join the market with iOS 8 integration linking all of your devices to your wrist. This could be Apple’s first newly-created product since the announcement of the iPad in 2010.

5: Something from left field

Apple are certainly not one to shy away from something completely game changing and this could well be the stage to do it. We know they are at the pinnacle of technology and development so it is no surprise to see scratch resistant sapphire screens and contactless payment features be mixed up in one big rumour bag. But what you might not be expecting is something new coming to the tablet or PC market or perhaps a new market entirely. They could well have the next ‘must have, life changing’ product waiting in the shadows and we know nothing of it yet.

The Apple Keynote begins tomorrow at 6pm BST and will be streamed on Apple TV and apple.com