Five things you didn’t know about… The Human Body

The human body is a fascinating machine; it keeps us safe with surprising efficiency, and is also capable of failing due to slightest complication. Let’s take a look at some of our bodies’ most surprising qualities:

By Patrick J. Lynch via Wikipedia Commons

  1. Not a hair out of place – Something you probably didn’t know (or want to know) about babies; during foetal development, babies grow a fine layer of fur all over the body called “Lanugo”. It grows after the 20th week, and is then shed by around 35thweek. And if that’s not weird enough, the baby then goes on to eat the shedded hair, which makes up a significant part of their first bowel movement.


  2. Power up! – The human brain is an amazing processor, a vast storage centre, and effectively the control room of your entire body. But how much power would you say it requires to run? 10 Watts. That may not mean a lot to you, but consider a standard light bulb may require anywhere from 40 to 100 Watts of power, and a simple toaster demands around 1000 Watts.


  3. Wake up and smell the coffee!– We all have our favourite foods, things we just love to taste, and things we can’t stand. But actually a significant amount of what we “taste” isn’t really taste at all, but rather smell. Yes our tongues’ taste buds do sense tastes (like bitter, sweet, salt, sour and umami), but anyone who has tried to eat something with their nose pinched will know it renders most food effectively tasteless. This is because a lot of the favour of food is either sensed by either our nose, or by our nose working together with our taste buds.


  4. The fast and the furious – Has anyone ever told you not to hold your nose if you need to sneeze? Well, it would be sensible to do as they say; a typical sneeze can travel at around 100 mph. If a boxer could punch at this speed, he’d probably break your skull, plus his own arm while he’s at it.


  5. I don’t need this! – On top of all of those organs and tissues of the body all independently ticking away doing their own much needed jobs, there’s also a bunch of slackers we all have inside of us that we simply don’t need:

Philtrum; This is the little dip above your lip, apart from helping you produce a wider range of emotes with your mouth, it doesn’t really do anything.

Appendix; This is an organ that seems to have been once used to aid digestion (of things like cellulose), and also aids in slight production of white blood cells to assist the immune system, but now it’s quite useless, and we can function fine without it.

Little toes; Primarily a useful appendage to aid in balance, it ends up being more of a nuisance than anything, as not only do we often wear shoes (rendering its balance function useless), but we also tend to break it several times in our lives.

Wisdom teath; This layer of molars, apart from arguably aiding to grind up food, tend to do nothing more but needlessly fill our mouth and cause us pain, often demand removal.


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