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Luke White is a young and, at the moment, relatively unknown singer songwriter; however he is one of the next artists to release an album with Republic media (a company which promotes acts such as Ringo Starr, Katie Melua and Rodrigo Y Gabriela). I had the lucky opportunity to chat with him about his EP “The Performing Man” , his album (which will be released next year) and the music business, amongst other things. The overwhelming impression I got from him was that this was a guy who always has music on his mind, he spoke eloquently about the music industry and the possible pitfalls he may encounter when trying to make it as a successful artist but, more importantly, he was modest and fun to talk to; when I called him a talented musician he brushed off the compliment as if I had just said something incomprehensibly unusual.

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His EP which you can access on his Myspace page is a somewhat unique collection of tracks, I have found no artists to compare it to and when I asked him who inspires him he was very general, stating that “strong melody and lyrics” drive his music and that he “wouldn’t like to put [himself] up there with artists [he] listen[s] to”. It seems that, even though he doesn’t like to think of himself as unique, it is simply easier to say he is an original artist than trying to draw meandering links to artists he bears little resemblance to.

The EP sounds breathtakingly good and one must remember that pretty much everything (except the drums and some additional string instruments) were written, performed, recorded and edited by the man himself. Surely someone as talented at recording and editing as Luke would be able to step behind the screen and record for other people? Although the opportunity hasn’t arisen yet, Luke says he’d love to take a break from his own work and help record other people’s work but at the moment he seems to be obsessing over the final cut of his album which is to be released next year. He is described as “meticulously” building the sound for the album for three years it is clear that Luke is a perfectionist when it comes to his music, when talking about playing live he would love to be able to have a full band and orchestra playing with him but laughs when he says that he may have to adapt this dream when considering “stages and expense.”

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This is another aspect of Luke which struck me in our conversation, he was so at ease, we laughed and he joked about wishing he’d be “somewhere sunnier” in five years time. Despite worries about illegal downloads possibly affecting the sales of his debut album he looks on the brightside and considers that the music could be an “advert for the artist” so if they like it, they’ll go and see him perform.

If I’m totally honest the music he writes isn’t usually my cup of tea, but it is catchy music, full of emotion and originality so it is very easy to sit back and enjoy it. I’m sure that we’ll be hearing more from him in the coming months and years.

For more information about Luke White please visit and watch his music video here.


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