Oh, to be a student again! The four months of holiday funded by a loan you’ll almost never pay back, the weather, the parties and, of course, the festivals. Once upon a time my wrist was so filled with festival entry bands that I’d have tan lines until Christmas and people would genuinely worry about how hygienic they were (they did sometimes smell a bit…) but, alas, those times are behind me and all those other graduates I know. It’s work (or desperately searching for work), and perhaps the odd band in a local bar if you’re lucky.

But forget that for now, because whilst you’re still a student and you still have time and no responsibility you have the extraordinary opportunity of being able to go on an incredible European getaway to six (yes, SIX) Festivals. Travel is included, and you get given £200 per festival to spend on food, drinks, sombreros and more drinks!

All you need to do is be able to write, take photos and film decent footage on a GoPro camera… Sound like your thing? Head over to Generator Hostels here, for more info on how to enter and good luck!

Competition ends 5th June so hurry!

Summer of Festivals - Poster

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