Uncharted is one of the most loved and widely received PlayStation exclusives to date, and with its exotic locations, engaging stories and charming protagonist it’s hard not to see it in any other than a positive light. For 3 long years gamers have been waiting for another adventure with Nathan Drake, and while its Vita spinoff and card battling games received positive reviews, it’s console Uncharted that we all wanted, and finally, it seems that that is what we are getting.

The reveal certainly wasn’t in the positive wave expected of one of the industries best and most successful studios though, high profile departures from both cast and crew shadowed its gradual unveiling. Some fans of the series have given up hope and looked to other PlayStation exclusives to inspire those long ‘Unchartedless’ hours. Uncharted territory you might say!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has now been officially named and is set for release in 2015. At the helm, The Last of Us’s Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, two men with the highest respect in the gaming industry and with Uncharted pedigree having headed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

But, as much as The Last of Us was considered a gaming masterpiece, Uncharted needs to keep well away from that style. The thought of a dark and gritty story is certainly an unnerving one, Drake doesn’t do gritty, he’s the wise cracking charmer that can talk himself out of any situation and still have his styled hair in place. Uncharted is the Indiana Jones of gaming, so let’s not bring a dark and twisted edge into it, more of the same is okay!

The question left on the lips of those already drooling at the thought of Druckmann and Straley manning the series is ‘Is this the end of Uncharted?’ The name, A Thief’s End, certainly suggests that something is ending, but whether or not it’s the series is hard to tell. The E3 trailer sees Drake asking  treasure hunting and cigar smoking pal Sulley for his help ‘one last time’ but the series could certainly make a worse decision than ending PlayStation’s most successful brand. After all, sometimes it’s better to finish while you’re still ahead.

Drake is surely nearing the end of his fortune hunting hijinks now anyway. After [SPOILERS] destroying El Dorado and discovering Shangri-La he headed to the Middle East in search of the Lost City of Ubar where, once again, it all went wrong and bullets started firing. In his escape, Drake gave Elena the ring of his ancestor Sir Francis (yes, that famous Drake) and the promise of a new life. But did this last? We can only guess that normality has been the reason behind his absence and with his new wife, and possibly family, one last adventure can finally see Drake rake in the money and credit he deserves.

All being well, we should see more of Uncharted 4 in months to come and you can find out more here, as and when we get it.


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  • Julie Coy

    Totally agree – when I want gritty, TLOU fits the bill. When I want to smile and laugh like a loony, I turn to Nathan Drake and his fabulous side-kicks. His relationship with Elena is a particular joy.

  • Dom D’Angelillo

    Not only that, but I think Naughty Dog are wise enough not to have 2 series which are along the same lines.
    As for Drake and Elena… I reckon a baby Drake is on the way, to pave the way for future releases 5-10 years down the line

  • Billy Gill

    As long as it’s better than Uncharted 3 …like that game was okay but such a disappointment following Among Thieves.

  • Dom D’Angelillo

    I’m with you on that mate, I’ve always preferred 2 over 3, something about the story in 3 didn’t really stick with me. Would love to know which one others prefer!

  • Julie Coy

    I enjoyed seeing the origins and evolution of Drake and Sully’s relationship in 3. I understand any misgivings following the epic style of Among Thieves but it was nice to see them go somewhere with Nate where he’s beginning to weigh up the costs of his constant thirst for adventure. It dealt more consequences and the question of who or what means more to him. My main concern is that all of this will be laboured on even further in 4 and there’s a danger of losing sight of what made the games so much fun in the first place.