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With an artistic team made in heaven – Stephen daldry (Billy Elliott) directing, Richard Curtis (About Time, Love Actually) writing and some significant American Stars ( Rooney Mara and martin Sheen both star), you’d be forgiven for thinking this drama set in the Brazilian Favelas is a trite one about white westerners helping the third world to become a better place.

Thankfully, it is neither this naive, misguided or – to put it bluntly – Western. Despite the presence of American actors and a British writing and directing team, it is actually a Brazilian led drama along the lines of Danny Boyle’s Millions or the classic Stand By Me.

Centred on Brazilian teenagers who find a wallet in the dump in which they work, this is a surprisingly in depth and challenging film. It unashamedly tackles the corruption and brutality at the heart of one of the biggest governments in the world but also succeeds in being a thrilling adventure at the same time. It is rare for the two to come along together, and the excellent lead performances combined with perfect pacing make this a surprise success.

Despite the superb performances from the young leads, the perfectly executed chase scenes and the clever writing, this slipped through the cracks of cinema release somehow. But as a home release it is far superior to any film of this kind in a long time.

A mixture of The Goonies and City of God, Trash lives up to its pedigree – and in almost surprising and satisfying way.

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