‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ – The British American Pie?

(Warning – Contains Spoilers)
They have delighted us with three television series since 2008 and now ‘The Inbetweeners’ have finally hit the big screen. Dubbed the British American Pie by ‘The Sun’ it became a box office hit in just one day.

The film starts just as the lads are finishing school and they decide to go on holiday. However they are dropped off at a rundown “hotel” where they are told straight away they will be fined 50 Euros if they defecate on the floor. The rest of the film pretty much stays on the same tone, with lots of slapstick and gross-out comedy scenes.

The first thing that Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Cartwright) and Neil (Blake Harrison) decide to do is to hit the night life in search of girls, since they are part of the self proclaimed ‘pussay patrol’. After some embarrassing dancing and attempted flirting, the lads go home with nothing. Except for Neil, who brings back a woman old enough to be his Nan.

During the movie, everyone is anxious for Simon as his heartbreak over Carli (Emily Head) jeopardises his chance of finding a holiday romance. He also manages to lose all his clothes in his determination to get a ticket for the Boat Party, which Carli is attending.
Meanwhile, the other guys aren’t doing too well either. Jay gets angry with a little boy, whilst trying to impress some girls, and then throws him in a swimming pool (even after finding out the boy cannot swim). Will has to endure his holiday with an unfortunate picture sunburnt on his back, and constantly fails in his quest to prove he can be ‘normal’.

Carli’s rep is presented as a recurring problem for the lads during the movie. However, revenge is smelly. After demanding a note to snort some cocaine, Jay hands the bully a note he had been storing in his rear end for an emergency. This results in him snorting more than he had bargained for, and becomes the laughing stock of the party.

Surprisingly, Jay’s famous phrase “clunge” from the television series is only mentioned once, but this is made up for by the high amount of most other rude words you can think of. This includes a high amount of references about minge and anal sex.

After all the fall outs, injuries and humiliation they have been through in the 97 minutes run time of this movie, all the lads finally get a happy ending. I think that ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ delivers everything fans expect and more, and will have people laughing the whole way through it. The Young Bwark production team should feel very pleased with themselves.



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