Thanks Zane, For The Music

Zane Lowe is one of those DJs who divides opinions, who simultaneously irritates and engages hundreds of thousands of people. I can’t really remember listening to my first Zane Lowe radio show on Radio 1, he’s simply always been there.

Zane has always been about the music, and that’s why he’s one of the best DJs out there, most Radio 1 DJs clutter their shows with silly games, jokes, inane chatter and other rubbish. Zane has been there – almost every night – for twelve years delivering what makes Radio such a great platform. Music. No videos to distract us, no adverts to interrupt it, just straight music and one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgable presenters to grace Radio 1 for this generation.

His final show was without doubt enraging and fantastic. Enraging because there should be more of this and fantastic because, well, it was Zane. The music varied from indie, punk, drum ‘n’ bass, to the finest of rock music, and the last half an hour of music was simply some of the best tunes out there. But it wasn’t just the music, it was being there, listening to two hours of great music along with other people. It wasn’t streaming it alone and choosing your own music, it was being there with everyone else and watching people go wild on Twitter reacting as the next fantastic piece of music came on.

I’ll stop distracting you. Just listen to the last Zane Lowe show now, before it goes and you miss what is likely to become two hours of classic and unforgettable radio history. It was and remains genius. Here’s to Zane, thanks for the music, and the company. I will be there for your first show at Apple. And I will remember this show for a long time.

Click here to listen to Zane's  final show

Click here to listen to Zane’s final show


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