Star Wars Episode VII Trailer – What You May Have Missed

The first official footage from Star Wars Episode VII was released last night in various theatres across the United States and online.

Although very brief, just 88 seconds, the trailer is brimming with classic Star Wars iconography and FX. Opening on a desert like setting, which we must assume is Tatooine, we have a first glimpse at John Boyega’s character who appears to be in some distress. We still don’t know any character details or story threads, but he appears to be in a helmet-less Storm Trooper uniform which could be a reference to Episode IV in which Han and Luke use the same technique to sneak onto the Death Star.

It seems as though Tatooine, home of Luke Skywalker, could be where much of the movie could be set. Our first glimpse at a new type droid, who resembles a football, is seen rolling his way across another desert setting with what seems to be discarded pod racers in the back ground. Perhaps an on screen nod to the pod racing scene from The Phantom Menace which is often considered one of high points of the series’ worst film.

For fans of clashing halogen lights, the light sabre also appears in the trailer albeit with a new swordlike design with a cross guard at the base. In a direct juxtaposition from the bright desert setting, we see a figure, dressed all in black activate his weapon in a dark and snowy forest like setting. Assuming he is a Sith due to the red nature of the light saber, he may be out hunting the heroes of this movie. There is something rather Game of Thrones like about this whole scene with the snowy setting and sword like weapon which may be appealing to fans of the hit fantasy TV series.

The star of the show however, and the element which gets the most airtime is the much loved Millennium Falcon from the first three movies. In a very stylish and dramatic set-piece it twists and turns onto the screen, yet again over the desert setting of Tatooine in a duel against a handful of TIE fighters. Although we don’t see them, this all but confirms that Han Solo and Chewbacca will have large roles to play in this particular film.

The whole trailer resembles the original trilogy much more than the prequel trilogy and that can only be a good thing for fans of the series. At just 88 seconds it certainly was a teaser and has left people wanting more and trying to pick out every story detail as much as possible. There are those that are a little disappointed that none of the original cast were featured, yet we have to assume that is to give the new cast there time to become recognised and appreciated, we have to assume the next trailer or reveal will feature the likes of Leia, Luke and Han.

All of this is very exciting and brilliant news for Star Wars fans, but it’s very easy to jump on the hype band wagon after what is a very diluted trailer. The thought of another inbound trilogy just two years ago was completely unimaginable so from that point of view, any news is exciting news on the Star Wars front. But could JJ Abrams and his cast and crew have jumped the gun just a tad? With still over a year before the cinema release, it’s a very long time before anyone will cast eyes on his finished project, and that can have repercussions. Overly hyped films have suffered in the past, if we think of the likes of Prometheus or Man of Steel, series’ that have a huge and dedicated fan base stumbled out of the blocks after months and years of premature stills, story rumours and trailers. Star Wars is a completely different beast however, with some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable fans however and with a  teaser that has revealed so little, the imminent, character and story trailers should add to the hype rather than hindering the release.

What do you think of the Star Wars teaser trailer? Is there anything we missed?

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