SB.TV: The youth of music.

Goodbye MTV… Hello SB.TV.

One day a young boy (man) was given a video camera and started to film everything he could see, whether it be every day life, music, himself or anything else you can think of (including his mum making Christmas dinner). It just so happened that his mates on the street were MCs and so he started to film them rapping in order to be more specific in what he wanted to do. Pop and r&b also started to be involved in this young boy’s work, this is where it all began.

The young boy I am talking about is 21 year old Jamal Edwards who is the founder of SB.TV. The name originates from the unusual title of Jamal’s YouTube channel (Smokeybarz TV) which transformed from a young man who films rappers to “The UK’s leading online youth broadcaster”.

Now its time for some facts about this multi-faceted company:SB.TV Team

  • Between 2007 – 2009 this went up to 4,500,00 views
  • At this moment in time they have recieved 3,124,451 channel views, 121,597 subscribers but overall 69 million video views.

You, the reader and an SB.TV fan, are probably thinking how amazing this all is to start from a  little video camera. However, it wasnt just this simple, as even though after 3 years of going solo, Jamal couldnt achieve all of this on his own at the success rate it was achieving and this is where his lovely team/friends comes in. The SB.TV team has 12 members who each have a different role  but who all have the same passion for music, tv and the youth. Since Jamal has put this group of people together SB.TV has gone from Jamal himself only focussing on urban and grime music, to a diverse youth lifestyle broadcaster with pretty any genre of music you can think of.

Within SB.TV there are many different series in order to get all you viewers a bit of everything you like. From A64 to F64 you are bound to begin to love this amazing youth channel. A64 is the place to be for great acoustics from your favourite musical heroes such as Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Tinchy Stryder and many more. On the other hand, F64 is for all you grime fans where there are fresh sixty-four bars of MC madness.

Your first reaction may be to compare SB.TV to other shows like MTV and T4, which also involve inteviews, music videos and backstage footage. So what  is so special about SB.TV?. The answer to that question is that they focus on the youth and show that young people are not just troublemakers and good for nothings, they do try to achieve and chase their dreams. Although this article has only been focussing on music there is a political side to this and involve many supporters such as Boris Johnson who has recently advertised the event of SB.TV organising a historic debate with the house of parliament, for all you locked in young people who never get your chance to get your voice heard. Impressive eh?

From MC’s to Celebrities SB.TV is “made by the youth for the youth”.