“Ronan Parke” by Ronan Parke – Album Review

It is almost six months since the most recent series of Britain’s Got Talent crowned Scottish opera singer Jai McDowell as the winner of £100,000 and the performer to sing at the Royal Variety Performance, yet who’s album is released first? Runner up Ronan Parke.

Perhaps the controversy surrounding Ronan (Cowell was accused of selecting him to win before the contest) made him the unfortunate runner up, perhaps it was simply because the public couldn’t put up with someone so unashamedly saccharine sweet as the winner of the competition. Yet we are still treated to thirteen year old Ronan’s collection of pop cover songs anyway, and the verdict? It is simple, do something original Cowell!

The eponymous album was released at the start of the week and has only reached #68 in the amazon charts and is currently sitting behind Adele, Bruno Mars, Matt Cardle and numerous other artists who have written their own material. *

Ronan Parke : Debut Album was Released on the 24th Oct

Although the covers are performed admirably by young Ronan – who has an excellent voice – and the songs are all current and generally very good choices, one can’t help but think that Syco could have been a little bit more adventurous in terms of young Ronan’s first album. The problem with having such songs as ” A thousand miles” by Vanessa Carlton and “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green is that the general public have been overwhelmed by these songs from the original artist already (and their inevitable Glee covers). We want something new from the talented performers which come out of these shows, not just a karaoke playlist of current (and disposable) pop tunes. Out of twelve songs on the album, only two are original and these were fresh, bouncy and a real showcase for the talented youngster. The problem is, these songs have been shifted to the back of the album and a cover was selected as the debut single: there was really never any chance of these two songs two make it into the mainstream. Had Mr Cowell and his record company put faith in Ronan whilst he still has “celebrity status” his album may have not faded into obscurity already, but it would seem that we won’t see a follow up. A crying shame for a talented and like-able young lad who has shown potential to be a star.

Verdict – Although listenable and enjoyable, the album may as well be a compilation of the original versions of the songs Ronan covers. Too little trust is placed on the few original songs on the album so it will inevitably fade into obscurity.


*Information correct at time of publishing.


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