Rammstein Live Review

Rammstein’s “Made In Germany” tour took them to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle recently(February 29th), where they once again displayed their expert showmanship, live playing and pyrotechnic skills.

The show started with the Swedish support band Deathstars, who, though brave and talented, were never going to live up to the fame and popularity of the main act, and they knew it. They were actually pretty good, but even they admitted that we were all there to see the German superstars, addressing the crowd with: “There is only one reason we are here, and that is a German reason”. Very apt. Their music and stage show left the crowd in good spirits and adequately prepared us for Rammstein’s imminent onslaught.

Sometime later a subtle drum beat began playing, and lead singer Till Lindemann’s boys walked through the crowd with a torch and two flags; one was the Rammstein symbol, the other a cross of St. George (which I thought was a nice touch). They then walked over a bridge that was lowered over the crowd onto the stage and all went black.

Suddenly the opening countdown of one of their most famous songs, “Sonne”, exploded onto the impressive sound system and everyone in the arena went wild.

The stage show was something to behold, with numerous costume changes and 10ft flamethrowers firing from the stage, from masks mounted on the band themselves, and even from a set of prosthetic wings Till wore during the final few songs.

Everyone’s favourites were played, including “Ich Will”, “Mutter” and “Links 2, 3, 4”, as well as some of their newer material which was equally as entertaining. The band is famous for on stage antics, and Till Lindemann delivered again with use of a fake penis that shoots water onto the crowd, and then later firing foam from a cannon (again shaped like a penis) onto the first few rows.

The entire performance was spectacular, and the band’s proficiency at playing live was obvious (let’s face it, some bands just can’t do it). The music and stage show were as impressive as Till’s guns (which, if you didn’t know, are huge), and if you consider yourself a Rammstein fan then you haven’t lived until you’ve seen them live.


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