“Quantum Shock” – Web Series Review

Colt Stahl is a super trained soldier, able to ‘see’ into the future because of a military experiment gone wrong. As the only survivor he’s on the run from the government who want to dissect him. In order to escape he has to understand the nature of the accident itself. There’s a lot of fighting, some techno speak and a little philosophy.

As science fiction it’s not exactly original; Colt is a trench coat wearing tormented loner facing off against a vaguely nefarious organisation. The morality of ‘realistic’ time travel’s been addressed before, and similarly to how it’s done here. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the problem is, that there isn’t a whole lot of that.

Anselm Meyer. Image Rights; Lonewolf Arts Entertainment

While the acting is fine for an amateur production, it’s nothing special. The fight scenes are the visual high points- not surprising given  that lead man Anselm Meyer is a trained fight instructor.

The writing too is serviceable but not intriguing. It moves the plot, it isn’t boring, but there’s nothing there to really engage you either.

What Quantum Shock does do well is character interaction, and so it’s a shame that there wasn’t more of it. The best scene is a peaceful five second moment between techie sidekick Josh and Colt, one which could have been expanded on hugely. If a little more time had been given over to this then the show would not only have had more substance, it would have been marked out more from its contemporaries.

That’s what Quantum Shock suffers from; in the end, like many web series, it needed more time. An extra episode’s worth of character development would have made a huge difference.

For all its flaws, Quantum Shock is good for passing the time, and a strong entry into internet science fiction. It won’t convince people who aren’t fans of the genre, but if you’re into sci-fi then it’s definitely worth a watch.

Quantum Shock official website where it is available to watch: http://www.lonewolfartsentertainment.com/Projects.html


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