Proud and Loud in Dublin

Battle Hymns 2011

Hail from Dublin, Warriors of Metal!
The evening of 9th of November at the Academy in Dublin was heating up with the fiery spirits of the legions of ‘Immortals’ (as the fans of Manowar call themselves) for the coming Kings of Metal from Cardiff (not really, Auburn is the band’s birth place!)
Among the black T-shirts with red letters and epic vistas of death, swords and Nordic sorcery, I saw faces of loyalty and zest ready for some face-melting and ass-kicking true metal sounds as Joey DeMaio, the band’s founder and bassist, puts it simply: “The whole purpose of playing live is to blow people’s heads off. That’s what we do. We’re out there to kill. That’s what metal is.”
Since their first emergence on the heavy metal stage in 1980, the American band has enjoyed the tremendous love and respect of their fans. The bond has grown so magically strong that band members have constantly received letters signed with the blood of their fans and photos with fans’ tattoos of Manowar imagery.
The Academy is a small venue which accommodated the brightly lit faces of over five thousand Manowarriors. The concert, as in previous years, was a full sell out and smashing success. Not accidentally, Manowar has won the fame ‘the most bombastic concert sound’ and entered Guinness records in 1984, succeeding in breaking their own record only twice. They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert (5 hours and 1 minute) in Bulgaria in 2008.
The riveting ‘proud and loud’ performance of the vocal Eric Adams of the ‘brushed-up’ first album of the band ‘Battle Hymns’, called ‘Battle Hymns MMXI’, was passionately supported by the magnificent play of the guitarist Karl Logan, who joined the band in 1994. Karl had met Joey in a pretty comical road accident – after he failed to run over Joey with his motorcycle they somehow became killer-friends. Manowar has prepared one more mind-blower: the original drummer, Donnie Hamzik is behind the drums of death at this tour. ‘Louder than Hell’ is the band’s signature they scream out with it and the cruel sound equipment they use is a state-of-the-art Nexo-system from France (with a quarter of a million Watts). The evil bassist of the band, Joey, explains in an address to his fans that the reasons behind the re-recording of the album were not that it was not ‘perfect’ but with the help of modern technology they could make it sound different and super loud. Hail and Kill!


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