Our Love by Caribou – Album Review

Our Love, the new album from Canada’s Caribou is a complex and intriguing record. Opening track Can’t Do Without You is a reflection of what we can expect, building gently in euphoric waves as dark tones linger in the distance, creating a tension between reckless delight and gnawing uneasiness that is utterly absorbing. This is a superb, subtle and fascinating LP.

Silver continues to build the atmosphere as Sputnik bleeps meet warped bass and fuzzy horn lines. A rapturous string build up emerges from the metallic crush, soaring high, but short lived as a volleyed synth chord leads another intense track to its close.

Caribou has not abandoned his legion of dance fans, and All I Ever Need and title track Our Love will doubtless become club and house party favourites. Second Chance combines euphoric synths with R&B vocal samples that will leave many a hair standing on end. And Julia Brightly sends us skimming through a joyous surf as the beat emerges from the depths.

A fawn’s flute takes the lead in Mars, toying with us, leading us deeper into a soundcape that builds layers of mystery and wonder with every roll of the drum machine. Just as the snares kick and a jumping break seems inevitable, Caribou pulls a dramatic gear change once more and a sudden melancholia descends across the track’s closing bars.

Space age synths and effects join forces on album closers Back Home and Your Love Will Set You Free. Male and female vocals dovetail as funky beats drive the groove. Intricate string samples build towards a tingling, sweeping crescendo and the album draws to a gentle conclusion.

In Our Love, Caribou has created a great piece of electronic music. Always unpredictable, the ten tracks change colour and tone with a restlessness that is incredibly exciting. The LP does not allow the listener to settle and will satisfy those who want to dance just as much as those who want to take a seat and see in the sunrise.

 Our Love by Caribou is Out Now. Buy it Here.



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