Never Mind the Buzzcocks is back…Do we really care?

Autumn means many things, it starts getting dark early,we realise we actually do need to wear that extra jumper and TV apparently gets better. Along with many other series launches Never Mind the Buzzcocks is back for an amazing 25thseries.  In terms of going the distance it’s up there next to QI and Top Gear.

This series sees the continuation of different guest hosts every week on the show. This week we are welcomed by the grumpy and always witty Jack Dee. He’s done the rounds in the comedy world and has peaked with a career highlight of hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

The ‘celeb’ guests are the reality TV star Spencer Matthews from E4’s Made In Chelsea and legend in the form of Blur’s Alex James with Phil Jupitus. A pop star no one has heard of, Maverick Sabre and up and coming comedian Seann Walsh are on Noel Fielding’s team. It’s a far cry from the days of Simon Amstell consoling young pop stars like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen or the days of Mark Lamarr making Lemmy from Motörhead walk off the show, but it has potential for a nice little pop show.

Phil Jupitus: longest serving contributor

It’s been said many times before but, the show just honestly hasn’t been the same since the departure of Bill Bailey back in 2008. Noel Fielding has great  random comedy but he’s just too cool, Bill Bailey wasn’t afraid to take the mick out of anyone – even on his team – no matter how famous they were. A huge hand does have to go to Phil Jupitus for sticking with the show, he’s been there from the beginning and you can tell he will be there until the end, he must know every fact about any popstar from the past 40 years in the 15 years the show has been on air!

On tonight’s show Jack Dee is on great form with his appearance on Buzzcocks, his dry comedy and vacant grumpy faces make for many great laughs, from asking Alex James if he remembers anything from the 1990s to playing pass the parcel mid-way through the show, he truly made my Monday evening more enjoyable.

Series 25 of Buzzcocks, is it worth it? Don’t get me

wrong the show still gets a laugh with the classic formula of slagging off anyone mentioned on the show and booking such terrible guests for the only reason to rip them to shreds. So if that’s your cup of tea on a Monday evening catch Never Mind the Buzzcocks every
Monday on BBC 2.



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