“Lulu” by Lou Reed and Metallica – Album Review

Lou Reed and Metallica, a combination that doesn’t sound like it would work, despite both parties attempts to try and convince everyone that it really does. So with the release of Lulu on the horizon and the album already available for stream on their website, does this record rank up with Master of Puppets and Berlin or fall to the depths of St Anger and Metal Machine Music?

The combination of both Lou Reed and Metallica is one which just does not work in any way or form. Listening to the album, which clocks in at over ninety minutes, is a feat that should only been done once and that’s only if you are really interesting in finding out what the album sounds like.

The problem that every song has is that the background riffs are just the same riff over and over again and they aren’t brilliant riffs. Considering that these are Metallica riffs makes it utterly disappointing to hear them, especially after Death Magnetic which was a somewhat return to form. Yet there are more problems with Lars Ulrich proving that his drumming can get even sloppier than normal – which is a mean feat in itself – and if Lars actually put effort into his drums then he is surprisingly good. But it is Lou Reed that makes this record not work as he doesn’t sing per say, he mainly talks over the tracks about prostitutes and being degraded. He talks completely out of time with the instruments, either coming in much too earlier or completely late.

The only highlight I can think of on the album is at the beginning of the track Mistress Dread which starts off with an awesome riff – though with sloppy drumming – but once Lou Reed starts to mumble, the song just goes back downhill.

The worrying problem with this album is that both parties have both listened to this and thought that it sounded brilliant, probably to either appease their egos or because they don’t want to admit that what they’ve made isn’t good.

On a completely personal note here, and one which I think is important to gauge just how bad this album is, I will admit that I’m a massive Metallica fan and that I love nearly all of their records. Their albums like Load and ReLoad, which aren’t fondly liked by other fans, are two of my favourite records but this album just feels like it has completely crushed the admiration I had for the band. I can’t tell if it is just their egos wanting to let loose and create “art” but this album just does not work and it worries me as a Metallica fan what they will do next.

This album is not one which warrants purchase, it doesn’t even warrant a listen. If you’re a heavy metal fan, or more importantly a Metallica fan then just skip this and go listen to their back catalogue or listen to the new Megadeth or Machine Head album, because right now, Metallica aren’t worth your time and as a massive fan of theirs, it breaks my heart to say that.



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