Lee Evans – Roadrunner tour 2011

After being on tour for many years and having many sellout shows, is Lee still coming up with fresh and funny material?

The answer is Yes. Lee Evans will always be a top comedian delivering high quality material which is bound to make you laugh even after a 3 year break of being on tour. The king of the funny business is back and funnier than ever.

Imagine this scenario; thousands of people sitting on tiny chairs next to people who they dont know, chattering over everyone’s noise

Musical Lee Evans

Musical Lee Evans - Roadrunner 2011

as they get more and more excited for the show. Rustling their snacks and slurring their drinks as people walk around trying to find their seats, but suddenly it all goes quiet followed by the room falling into complete darkness. Lee Evans has entered the building. You can now imagine what it was like sitting in the Motorpoint Arena (Cardiff) with the excitement building waiting to see the man himself live after his long deserved break of touring.

If you thought his last tour Big was…well Big, then Roadrunner is even bigger, with 66 tour dates booked to perform to 600,000 people. Sitting there looking at the amount of people in one room scared me so imagine how Lee feels. Even at 47 Mr.Evans is still as lively as ever and willing to give the best performance he has, even if it does involve producing about 10 buckets of sweat per show and making use of the 20 suits that were made for this tour. People always say how amazing he is at the live show but never stop to think what he is like back stage and how much effort he puts into the preparation.  To come up with new material doesn’t just happen over night, it takes planning and motivation which definitely pays off when he is creating laughter amongst thousands of people in a massive arena.

Roadrunner Tour 2011 - Cardiff

Roadrunner Tour 2011 - Cardiff

A good question to ask is why did Lee Evans decide to go on tour once more after all the success he has had? The comedy genius himself answered this question by saying “I wanted to tour again because it is what I do”. This article can speak for every Lee evan’s fan in saying this was a great decision to make. Me, the writer, wouldn’t have had a chance to see him live if it wasnt for this great decision and it was worth the money.

It was hard to say whether or not he would be using previous material from his previous shows, however it was all fresh material which made the show even better as you didn’t know what was going to come next.  No doubt Lee gets a buzz from the amount of laughter he gets from even the smallest joke

” It is so instantly creative. I adore the immediacy of it. It’s brilliant when you write something in the afternoon and gets a laugh from the audience the very same evening. I have never said anything other than that I am a stand-up comedian. I absolutely love touring!” says the king of comedy.

The one thing that makes his shows even better is that some, even most, of his jokes are related to real people; his fans. Lee has many fans who have been following him and supporting him for over 2 decades. However his show mainly involves stories about him and his wife which at times don’t do her any favours, however without his wife Lee Evans wouldn’t have the amount of confidence and charisma he has today.

When he is on tour it isn’t just about telling jokes, it’s also about music which he has composed himself. Lee has many different talents and the musical talent involves him recording on a 16-track device at home and then cutting out the bad bits. Cutting out the bad bits is another thing he does in order to make the audience happy which he judges by their reaction. During the Roadrunner live show he kept mentioning cutting out bits when the crowd didn’t react in the way he wanted but still managed to make a joke out of it. This is the work of a true comedian who added:

“I’ve spent masses and masses of time preparing for Roadrunner. I spent ages designing the lighting, the sound, the music, the set, and the drawings. Everything you see during the evening takes ages to pound through…I spend ages working on it”. Point proven.

After all the years of touring Lee Evans will always be the King of Comedy.