Hot Like Us – TV Review

Hot Like Us is a modelling show, with the twist that they’re looking for a couple rather than a single person. They have weekly ‘relationship competitions’, where a counsellor ascertains how well they work together. Because, after all, they are looking for a long term couple to invest in, since famous couples never split up.
The problems are deep set in the concept’s very fabric.
Firstly, they don’t care what they are like as a couple. Not even a little. All the conversations between the modelling judge and the relationship judge go the same way, with the modelling judge telling her that her view isn’t as important as his because this is a modelling show. It is, so arguably he’s right, but it’s still repetitive and, honestly, rude.
There is no such thing as a modelling couple. The example they use is David and Victoria Beckham – who were both famous for separate reasons before they started going out and only modelled together because they were already famous apart. Doubling them doubled the draw because they were celebrities already. It’s not hard to understand, it’s not complicated.
This shouldn’t really matter – it’s the set up for the show after all, it’s the starting point, they just need to jump off of it and make their product entertaining. But it split the focus. It killed any potential drama. There was nothing to care about.
Not even the competitors knew what they were actually competing for; thinking at various points that the show was looking for Britain’s Hottest Couple, or Britain’s Best Couple. And nobody corrected them because that made as much sense as the real answer.
Hot Like Us really, wanted to be a new sort of TV talent show. It fell apart because it didn’t actually try to do that.

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