“High-Speed Thrashing Maniacs” by Arsenite

Arsenite are relatively new to the metal scene, having formed in 2009 and not even released their debut album yet.They do however have an EP out entitled High-Speed Thrashing Maniacs and the title really does live up to the contents on the album. The band have a vibe of the 1980s Bay Area thrash metal scene as they sound like Metallica and Megadeth despite being from Sweden.

The EP starts with the track Sheep in Wolfskin Clothing and the track instantly throws down the gauntlet, with the drums pounding their way into the track from the start while the guitars are fast but crisp with the solo halfway through fitting in perfectly. Vocally it is good though there aren’t many lyrics in the song; it is mainly just pure thrash on the instruments.

The next track, Ashes of the Declined, continues the onslaught of thrash as the song starts out fast and then within thirty seconds, it kicks into high gear. The drums and guitars all work well with another solo in the middle of the song which just kicks ass. The vocals are more prominent than in the previous track and have more meaning as they are about the decline and ending of a nation, which I’m assuming is Sweden.

Stopping at Nothing is the next track and kicks off with the fastest riff on the EP which is joined by a short solo around twenty seconds into the track. This is the track where the guitars experiment more and it works well, with the drums being a constant background to them. The vocals are good, the chorus is the best on the EP and there is one point towards the end of the song where the vocals will surprise you in a good way, this is the best song on the EP.

The last track, Blood on Your Hands, is the heaviest of the four in terms of sound, it isn’t as quite as quick as the previous three but sounds much heavier with the guitars and vocals all being deeper.

Overall, this is a great EP for any band and Arsenite look like they could be one band to watch in the future as they sound like they have the potential become a fantastic thrash metal band in the style of those 1980s bands like Metallica and Megadeth.



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