Has J-Lo Crossed a Line with her New Raunchy Video?

When the world is promised a collaboration with two of the sexiest women in the music industry, excitement begins to rumble. But when they’re faced with a raunchy video teaser, the wait becomes unbearable. Saucy superstars Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have leaked a snippet of their provocative music video for their new single Booty and already the comments are pouring in by the thousands. The world cannot wait to get their teeth sunk into the full length video… but the majority of the hunger seems to be coming from those eager to criticise.

The teaser suggests all the key elements of a popular hit; an annoyingly catchy beat and two wet hotties of the music industry writhing around in lingerie. The 30 second teaser has a signature J-Lo dance beat along with the never aging Lopez herself in signature minimal attire. But although it will most definitely succeed in the charts the concrete reality is that Iggy and J-Lo are using their own sexuality to sell a less than average song to the media. And the even harsher reality is that this has been happening for years.

Although Booty sounds pretty much the same as every other upbeat female collaboration in the charts, this overt sexual promotion is really not necessary. These are two hugely recognised artists with plenty of success under their belts and hardcore fan bases. Not to mention that a title such as Booty is sure to appeal to at least some audience. But old habits die hard and Booty‘s marketing has taken sexual inspiration from plenty of hits over the years:

#5 Boogie Pimps – Somebody to Love

Although a woman in just her underwear doesn’t seem an outright scandal in this day and age, it doesn’t make this video any less provocative. With the producers bizarre use of babies falling from the sky to add humour, the video’s sole purpose is to arouse.  If you’re anything like me, however, it’s difficult to feel anything but completely uncomfortable.

#4 Joey Negro – Make a Move On Me

Released two years after Somebody to Love, 2005 was obviously still quite a shy year for sexuality in videos so again this video tried to add a humorous twist to take some of the heat away from the bikini wearing women. With the song itself suggesting that somebody should ‘make a move’ it kind of speaks for itself.

#3 Benny Benassi – Satisfaction 

Possibly one of the most well-known music videos for electro music; ‘Satisfaction’ features two of man’s favourite things: women and power tools. I feel as though this video is so widely known that nobody even notices its sexual nature anymore but it is definitely a milestone in the history of raunchy music videos.

#2 Eric Prydz – Call On Me

This video stands at number 2 of the raunchiest music videos of all time because you couldn’t get closer to pornography without just making a porno film. Eric Prydz certainly raised the barrier with this video; I’d never seen anything as borderline X-rated as this before just to cover up how irritating a song is. That is until…

#1 Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

The worldwide smash hit ‘Blurred Lines’ turned out to be the highest selling single of 2013 and then in April 2014 it was announced that it was the most downloaded song in UK chart history. The song made me groan whenever it came on the radio or in a club and I was quite taken aback at the music video…until I watched the uncensored version. Robin Thicke has possibly produced the most controversial music video to date and depicted himself to be a sex pest with his degrading sense of women’s sexuality and his own portrayal as being some sort of god-like woman magnet. His libidinous clips of fully naked women and apparent ‘sexy talk’ have made a beacon for other artists to produce videos similar to this one.

J-Lo and Iggy’s up and coming new song is bound to follow in the footsteps of these explicit legends but is that necessarily a good thing? The song would probably survive without the saucy celebs leaving little to the imagination but in today’s day and age, fans expect soft porn music video’s to accompany new hits. And sadly for Iggy Azalea, her career rests upon 90% sexual image and 10% everything else. Although J-Lo struts her stuff in fishnet lingerie, her reputation as a legendary pop diva attracts fans almost nonchalantly and I feel that a collaboration with a plastic, manufactured celebrity like Iggy Azalea is dragging her name close to the mud.

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