You don’t have to have been born in the 90s to know about Friends. Airing its pilot episode in 1994, the American sitcom Friends graced televisions worldwide for ten terrific years. Today marks the twenty year milestone since five Manhattan buddies had the bridal bombshell that was Rachel Green come into, and change, their lives. Friends set the bar at an all time high for American comedy programmes and similar sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory just don’t meet the cut when compared to the six friends. Friends also put The Rembrandts on the map; the majority of people who say they know any other song or had even heard of the band before they wrote the famous theme song are lying. During the production of the sitcom, producers and directors toyed with other names before they finally settled with the short and sweet Friends. Before the decision was set in stone though, the crew dabbled with Across the Hall and possibly the most faux pas one of all: Insomnia Cafe. Personally, I could never imagine it to be called anything else!

Liverpool and Chester opened their very own Central Perk replicas for the public to drink and converse in just like the friends did on the show. The lookalike coffee shops also show the full, uncut episodes of Friends throughout the day and during its birthday the public are bound to flock to slurp coffee in the place that housed Phoebe’s wonderfully weird music, countless smooth and not so smooth dates and endless laughter.

Over half of my life has been spent laughing at the witty brilliance of Friends – and although choosing just ten top moments is an impossibility, but here are ten which shouldn’t go unnoticed:

#10 Ross Plays the Bagpipes

For his sister’s and best friend’s wedding, Ross decides to give the happy couple something really special. Remembering Chandler’s Scottish heritage, Ross uses his musical talents to give them the best present of all.

#9 Phoebe’s Pregnancy Hormones

Watching Phoebe’s pregnancy with her brother’s triplets was one of my favourite Friends highlights because not only was it an emotional experience, but it had moments where I could have turned blue in the face from laughter. Phoebe’s pregnancy hormones were too hilarious to not feature in the top ten moments.

#8 Joey Plays Pyramid

As a perk of being the talented actor he is, Joey features on the game show Pyramid as a celebrity guest. Despite his charm and good looks though, he lacks pretty much everything needed to be on a quiz show.

#7 Trivia Game – Monica and Rachel vs Joey and Chandler 

Whilst Phoebe is in the hospital playing the role of her brother’s surrogate, the other friends are betting to see who knows who the best. This entire episode always has me laughing and it’s definitely one of my favourites to watch over and over and over…

#6 Joey and the Turkey

Another infamous moment in Friends history is when Joey somehow fits his head inside a whole turkey to scare Chandler. Of course though, it wouldn’t be Friends without something going horribly wrong. I love this scene for its random hilarity and also the brilliant friendship between Joey and Phoebe – the two gel so well on set and are known for being close friends in real life too.

#5 Ichiban Lipstick for Men

To tell the truth, I wasn’t even sure what I was expecting when I first watched this clip but it had me roaring with laughter. I feel that it doesn’t even need a description because for those who watch Friends, they know it’s just typical Joey.

#4 Ross’ Definition of Love

Despite continuously telling everyone ‘he’s fine!’ with Rachel and Joey announcing that they’re a couple, Ross’s real feelings come out after he’s knocked back a few margaritas. This is another one of my absolute favourite Friends moments which has probably been quoted countless times by fans.

#3 Pivot!

Dubbed the number one scene that makes Friends fans want to quote, this clip never disappoints. Possibly an all time favourite and all round gemstone of a hilarious moment, Ross’s pivoting will never be forgotten.

#2 Ross’ Tan

With an entire episode dedicated to these moments, Ross’ tan has rightfully earned second place in the top ten Friends moments. Hilariously frustrating, Ross’ bad luck teamed with Chandler’s always on point sarcasm makes this one of the funniest episodes the sitcom released.

#1 The Closing Scene 

Even without any jokes or humour, this scene would still have been as popular as it is. With over 56 million people in the US alone that watched the final ever Friends episode, this scene has to be the most memorable of all. The producers could not have created a better ending not only for the show, but for the six friends’ lives as we knew them. As viewers, I feel that a relationship is formed with the characters on screen and this number one moment teamed up with Ross and Rachel’s unstoppable love for each other left not one dry eye worldwide.

Twenty years, ten seasons, hundreds of side splitting and heart wrenching moments and just one show. Friends is definitely one of the most timeless and pure genius programmes ever made in television history. The popularity of the sitcom soared as the seasons just kept coming and I think that it will always be popular and there will always be someone to say ‘it’s not as good as Friends’. Plenty of rumours have been going around about a special eleventh series or even a movie to round it all off but Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston have denied any assumptions. Will producers follow through will the high demand? Who knows, we can always hope.

Although it was made purely to entertain, Friends lifted spirits, made people laugh and cry and most importantly of all, Friends was and is there for you.