“Grumpy Cat” Debuts in Worst Film Ever

The internet phenomenon of ‘Grumpy Cat’ is probably one of the least annoying of the meme based YouTube videos which have racked up millions of hits on the video sharing site (16 Million hits to date). The original video (of a grumpy looking cat) is certainly amusing, I watched it again just moments ago and smirked a little. The trailer for the movie (watch it above) based on Grumpy Cat didn’t make me smile at all. In fact it frightened me far more than The Babadook (which was incredibly scary)Hallowe’en or the thought of my grandma undressing (shudder).

What scares me most is that someone has spent money on this ghastly looking film. Usually this type of feature gets a budget in the millions – Fred The Movie (also based on a YouTube phenomenon) cost $3 million to make – so Grumpy Cat probably has a ballpark figure similar to this. Why though? The Babadook I mentioned above cost only $2.5 million to make and is the most extraordinary and frightening horror film to have been made in years. Although I’m sure the Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will also be frightening, I’d imagine it’ll be for different reasons.

The filmmakers of this soon-to-be-travesty clearly haven’t put any heart into the making of this movie, the story looks to be a strung together amalgamation of Home Alone, Cats and Dogs and, something far more insidious, Planes. The whole thing – like that Disney animation – stinks of money, content only on producing films for the sake of raking in some ticket sales here and there Producers have decided to turn a two minute video which makes you smile into a film which will undoubtedly fill most with hatred.

Avoid this film at all costs, whether a good film or not (it could prove to be the next Citizen Kane, who knows!?), it represents all that is disgusting about the Hollywood machine in which excellent films which actually mean something are constantly sidelined, delayed and under-funded. As much as I want to congratulate Grumpy Cat’s owners for managing to manipulate this system to their own ends it must be discouraged for ruining one of the most enduring and beautiful legacies of Western civilisation. We can’t let cinema be manhandled like this, go and watch Mr. Turner instead.



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