This weekend Kevin Spacey has quashed rumours that he will star as a villain in Sam Mendes’ second Bond film; the follow up to incredibly successful SkyFall.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey.
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It appears that despite having a long history with Mendes (they both won Oscars for American Beauty back in 1999) that the actor isn’t going to stepping into the role any time soon… But who would make a great Bond villain?


Just because he’s said he won’t do it this time, that doesn’t mean he won’t in the future! Spacey has had an excellent run of darker roles in the last few years; as Richard III on stage, in Margin Call, 21 and, of course, as the wonderfully black hearted Frank Underwood in House of Cards. If there’s ever a moment to take advantage of the villainous side of Spacey then it’s now; he’s on top form, on great terms with the Bond director (an Oscar often sweetens a friendship!) and he’s even spending a lot of time here in ‘ole blighty because of his theatre commitments.

What Kind of Villain Would he Be? He’d make a fantastic evil Banker manipulating the stock market via nefarious means; opposite Bond’s tux you need to have a sharp dressed villain and he would do the job perfectly.

Rights;charlie Anders2

Rights;charlie Anders2


As Di’Caprio’s muse in Inception Cotillard proved she has a previously untapped creepy side (the French Oscar Winner has spent most of her time in Independent and Foreign films or as Love interests in some bigger US movies) but in her we could have a truly fantastic female villain. Her lilting French accent would provide an alluring twist for Bond to resist whilst she gently plans the doom of the western world. She would be terrific.

What Kind of Villain Would She Be? Cotillard would make a brilliant con-artist or gambler to rival Mr Bond’s penchant for cards. Finally Bond would be able to have a proper game of wits with a female adversary!


It may be a pipe dream to get the most celebrated actor of all time (and notorious method actor) to play a villain but the Irish gent who brought Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood) and Bill “The Butcher” Cutting (Gangs of New York) to frightening reality would own every second of screen time as a nemesis to Bond. His intensity, eloquence and physicality would make for a fascinating match to Bond.

What Kind of Villain Would He Be? Honestly? He would be able to do anything he wanted, he could pull off a towering physical adversary just as easily as a frail, wizened but still ruthlessly intelligent evil mastermind. But I’d love to see him as recurring bad guy Ernst Stavros Blofeld, just imagine a bald, cat stroking Daniel Day -Lewis spin round in a chair to face off against Daniel Craig; inspired.


It may not be as ridiculous as it first sounds… He’s got decades of “acting” experience as a ruthless killing machine, he has the braun to actually bruise Bond in a fight without henchmen and has a non-english accent to fit with the “Bond stereotype”. What more could you ask for? Well, I suppose some sort of acting skill would be desirable but we’ll forgive him this once!

What Kind of Villain Would He Be? The leader of some sort of gang of ex-cons plotting to kidnap someone important. Mainly by punching people… Hard.


Bryan Cranston

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Is it really too much to ask to get Breaking Bad‘s Walter White to turn evil once more to try and beat Britain’s number one agent? Cranston has proved in countless bit parts over the years that he knows how to play a minor role and make an impact but his World Stopping turn as Chemistry teacher turned druglord showed he can play everything from comedy to ruthless killer without breaking a sweat. There’s no denying that he would be brilliant, it’s just a matter of when and where. Make it happen film people!

What Kind of Villain Would He Be? I imagine he’d make an excellent rogue military commander (a la Apocalypse Now) running a ruthless society somewhere in Africa, causing unrest in the region and potentially to the world. Wouldn’t it be great fun to see Craig’s Bond infiltrate the society, befriend the seemingly amicable Cranston before his evil side is fully revealed… In fact I may start working on the script straight away!

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    Ridiculous list apart from Cranston. Add Gerrard Butler too.