Ella Janes Live at the Railway Inn – Review


Ella Janes; Photo Rights Ella Janes

Perched on a hill and nestled beside a nineteenth century railway station, The Railway Inn looks over the quaint aesthetics of Winchester city – England’s antiquated capital from the histories of yesteryear. Due to The Railway Inn being Winchester’s only truly alternative pub, it is a welcomed haven for live music and bands on the brink of full blossom.

Last Tuesday, I spent my evening there, casually leaning against the interior brickwork in a backroom affectionately christened “The Barn”. Whilst quaffing at cider the colour of dirty ditch-water and the consistency of crunchy peanut butter, I looked towards the stage in anticipation for Ella Janes and her folk-infused chords.

Returning to her home city, Ella sings with an ethereal grace – an elegant whispering that catches in the air and pleases the ear with its delicacy. Coincide this with the foot-tap strumming of the slide-guitar or the mandolin or the catalogue of other stringed instruments that form Ella Janes’s musical arsenal and you are greeted with a unique musical treat.

Like spider-silk; her voice may be delicate but it bares enough strength to carry the passion that seeps from her melodies. Behind the folky and cheerful rhythmic pulse you realise lyrics that bestow personal soliloquies. Ella does not shy from exploring intimate emotions and as such, sings with an engaging passion. There’s a deep-rooted sense of empathic attachment there, especially when singing “Helen”, one that breathes compassion and invites a tingling sensation to those that listen.

Accompanying Ella on the evening were the praiseworthy talents of Matt Isaac who presented his expertise with the slide-guitar and mandolin. Simon Boult, who had already graced us with his own sardonically delivered set, also featured by accompanying on the bongo.

All in all, it was a well spent evening, one that Ella should be proud of as she was a delight to listen to. A promising young musician that, if she continues to keep playing as well as she does, has much to look forward to for the future.

Visit http://www.ellajanes.com/Home.html for those that wish to peruse her latest music.