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Much is the ethos of Sony in recent years; the conference was all about the player.


Sony & Xbox at E3. Rights; Sergey Galyonkin

Uncharted was finally shown off in all its PS4 wonder. Now officially called Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, we saw a beautifully battered Drake rising to his feet in a small cinematic before the release window of 2015 was given. Subject to change of course.

One big surprise was the port one of the biggest games of all time. GTA V will be available on PS4 later this year with the promise that all your GTA Online progress will carry over. This gleaming next-gen port will also be bundled together with Sony’s new ‘grubby fingerprint attracting’ white PS4.

First party studios also had a huge impact during the Sony conference. Media Molecule unveiled the next-gen version of Little Big Planet that will see Sack Boy joined by a plethora of new sack friends. Suckerpunch also made a brief appearance on stage announcing new DLC for PlayStation 4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son. Alongside these Triple-A titles, tonnes of free to play and indie games were revealed, tipped for release over the coming months.

With gamers now reassured of what they can be playing in disc form, Sony also further elaborated on the streaming service PlayStation Now, which will launch in America this summer. While there is still no news on when this service will be available in Europe, it’s safe to safe Sony gamers will certainly be preoccupied until its release.


E3 2013 Rights; Sergey Galyonkin


Microsoft Xbox

True to their word Microsoft were all about games…. 90 minutes worth in-fact, all tipped for release between now and 2015.

As thought, Activision opened the conference showing a more in depth look at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in all of its ‘Call of Duty-ness’. The demo showed off some of the new features such as targeting grenades, and hovercrafts. Expect more of the same; not that that is ever a bad thing.

Microsoft also foregrounded the games from it’s first party studios. Forza Horizon 2, coming in September was shown with particular emphasis placed upon its capacity to run at 1080p and the new addition of legendary racing circuit, The Nurburgring.

Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive, a colourful yet macabre zombie shooter gave a sarcastic tongue in cheek nod to generic cover based shooters while displaying a small in-game set piece. A wide range of weapons environments and multiplayer gameplay modes is certainly something fans should be salivating for on release.

The much-loved Halo franchise was given a lick and a polish, with the announcement of the Master Chief Collection, which see the previous 4 Halo games put onto one disc with the ability to create playlists of your favourite levels. This was rounded off with the announcement of the Halo 5 beta, available from December.

Away from reams and reams of Triple A games, Microsoft also held the hand of the little guy, showing a reel of dozens of indie games expected to hit Xbox Live in the coming months. One thing is for certain, if you own an Xboxone; a tidal wave of games is approaching.


Best of The Rest.

            The 3rd parties alongside Nintendo also took to the LA convention centre earlier this week.

Girl power took E3 by storm as sequels to both Tomb Raider and Mirrors Edge were announced; make sure to keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for more information.

Similarly, sci-fi fans were left wanting more after Bioware announced a much-anticipated new addition to the Mass Effect series, while EA’s DICE added to Star Wars hype, confirming Star Wars: Battlefront is on it’s way, undoubtedly set for release in 2015 alongside Episode VII.

Sport’s fans were also kept happy with the 2015 editions of NHL, Madden, and FIFA all being confirmed. PGA Tour Golf 15 was the surprise of the show however with the golf game being given a bizarre new ‘action film’ twist. Expect shipwrecked freighters alongside golf carts and putters.

Nintendo, stepping away from holding a press conference this year played to fans’ heart strings by announcing new Legend of Zelda, Starfox and ‘make your own Mario’ games. Nintendo also revealed the latest edition to the Smash Bros roster. Mii fighters gives players the chance have their own Mii fight familiar faces such as Yoshi and Mario.

Finally, Ubisoft, the ever-growing ‘sweethearts’ of E3 were surely the winners of the conference battles. Both The Crew and Assassins Creed: Unity were given release dates (11th November & 28th October respectively) alongside beautiful new trailers while Far Cry 4 was shown off in all its glory, continuing to impress onlookers. True to the past 2 years, Ubisoft also announced a new IP. Rainbow Six: Siege takes players back to the much-loved Tom Clancy series for the first time in almost 10 years. If you money is going to only one developer this year, make it Ubisoft!

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