Next week’s E3 is arguably one of the most anticipated Gaming Conferences in recent history. With last year’s release of next-gen consoles, we can expect a flurry of new games and tech,  jaw dropping moments and even more  invasion of each other’s personal space… But what exactly can we expect to see this year?

Sony PlayStation

The next game in the Uncharted series has received a lot of attention in recent months with high profile staff departures  leaving a bad taste in the mouth of fans of the series. Despite this, expect to see Naughty Dog step out on stage with the ‘swagger’ they always carry and show off a small in-game set piece or cinematic. The announcement of an official name and release window would not be a surprise either, just don’t expect it to be any time soon.

Expect Sony to also give us more information with regards to the Netflix style streaming service, PlayStation Now. Currently undergoing closed Beta testing, it is safe to assume that Sony will give a demo of how the streaming service works, reveal a few titles it will release with and have us all twitching with anticipation as they give us the prices users can expect to pay.

One final announcement Sony could also make is the bundling of both the PS4 and PS Vita into one beautiful Sony fan boy targeted box. Few people would deny that the PS Vita hasn’t been as big a hit with mainstream gamers as Sony would have wanted, so in order to inject a bit of life into its slowly diminishing existence, expect Sony to announce a ‘coming together’ of both consoles for a price around £450.


Playstation & Xbox at E3. Rights; Sergey Galyonkin

Microsoft Xbox

Following E3 2013 reduce Xbox one to a laughing stock, the computer giant overturned pretty much every announcement they made. Whether it was the new console’s always-online requirement or the restriction of trading games between friends, it was reversed. This year however, a lot has changed and Xbox, bolstered by a new CEO, are committed to being purely dedicated to games, games and more games.

With this in mind, Halo 5 should be given more information following its announcement last year and we should expect to see a small snippet of gameplay or perhaps a more detailed cinematic showing Master Chief in all his Halo glory.

Similarly, Activision’s close relationship with Microsoft should warrant an appearance from them at the Microsoft conference. With this in mind expect more information surrounding the recently announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If 2013 is anything to go by, we can also expect the appearance of several awkward celebrity endorsements on stage too.

With Microsoft’s now changing attitude towards gamers, expect them also to elaborate further on the announcement of a Kinnect-less Xboxone and justification of its price drop. This is certainly one way to get fans back on board.

Best of The Rest

It is not just Sony and Microsoft making their presence heard at E3 2014, 3rd party studios will also make an appearance.


E3 2013. Rights; Sergey Galyonkin

Nintendo are returning this year but have stated that although they are not holding a conference they will stream an online video highlighting their new announcements. From this, expect to hear sales figures surrounding the recent release of Mario Kart 8 and perhaps the introduction of 2 or 3 more Smash Bros characters.

EA will also have a significant appearance on stage this year, without a doubt ready to unleash a plethora of sports titles upon us. FIFA, NBA, Madden and UFC will all be given release dates and new features. FIFA 15 should be top of that list, especially as the World Cup starts just a matter of days after their conference. Just please don’t bring Drake out on stage again EA.

The increasingly impressive Ubisoft will also be at E3 2014 and don’t expect them to shy away from much. Assassins Creed Unity, the newest installment to the series should be given a release date alongside more story information and perhaps an official title. Similarly, much-anticipated driving simulator The Crew will be further discussed with more gameplay shown and perhaps the reveal of a few more cars. Ubisoft don’t seem to shy away from unveiling new IP’s at E3 either. The Division was announced last year, Watch Dogs the year before that, so I wont be surprised if the French masters of gaming have something new up their sleeve this year.

More Coverage of the gaming Conference coming soon. What Are Your Predictions for E3 this Year? Start the discussion below.



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