Dream house- Film review

Before going into this film, there a few things which you should know. Firstly, that despite the eery and outright creepy film poster, this is not an outright horror film. It’s more of a psychological thriller.Secondly, that the cast matters. With Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, this film is full of reputable actors. And it’s just as well, because without them, this film would be an automatic flop.Thirdly, and finally there is a twist in this film, and so you should be very careful when looking up the synopsis! I knew the big suprise going into the film, and it affected the first half immensely. I wouldn’t say that it ruined it for me, but it meant that the surprise in the big reveal was lost on me.

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The basic plot line of Dream house is this; Daniel Craig’s character, and all of his delightful family move into a lovely, idyllic home which needs a bit of work. A lick of paint and it will beperfect. Oh wait, no it won’t, because the last people who lived there were all murdered; mother, and two daughters, shot. In fact, locals have dubbed it ‘the death house’- excellent!Only the father of the murdered family survived, and although accused of committing the murders, he was pretty much declared insane and spent five years in a mental institute.Creepy things start happening at Craig’s residence. There are faces in the window, flowers left on the doorstep, figures in the distance. Oh, and the insane father has recently been released from the institution.

Obviously there is more to the story, but I shan’t go into too much detail as the twists are really what keeps this film going. There are a couple of genuinely creepy moments, and, there are a few fleeting scenes which invoke emotion in the viewer. The actors are pretty strong. It’s just a shame really that the script is so below par.

There are clichéd lines strewn throughout, and I think that most people will see the twist coming after the first ten minutes.

Even so, it’s not too long and it does have a tidy ending. Any fans of the aforementioned actors could probably sit through it quite happily; everyone else however, should probably give it a miss. There are better new releases at the moment out there.