Doctor Who: Too confusing?


In the recent sixth series of Doctor Who Stephen Moffat has caused some controversy. It is the opinion of many people that this year the show has become too confusing. Some also think that it has become too scary for children. I do not believe this to be the case. My brother, like myself, is a big fan of the show and has never complained about being frightened or of not understanding anything. He is seven and could answer most questions on the show you could ask. If someone were to watch the show now and then, rather than watching it religiously every week, then I can understand why the storylines might be confusing to them.

This series has used a big story arc and it has become almost vital that you must have seen the previous episodes to be able to fully understand the next. Yes the show is meant to be self-contained adventures but the critics of the new narrative must be really boring if they think that a little bit of change is ruining the show. I hope these opinions are not putting off people from deciding to start watching Doctor Who because that would be such a shame. The recent series has kept us guessing from the first episode, The Impossible Astronaut , and if you don’t already watch the show – now is not too late to start.

Even if you are not a sci-fi fan, it does not matter. It has something for everyone, whether it be drama, a little bit of romance, adventure or those excellent few comedy moments it contains! Doctor Who has been a national treasure since the 1960’s and it even had its own movie. In 2005 the show was revamped and came back onto our screens, but the basic storyline is still the same. The show follows the adventures of a 900 year old alien called “The Doctor”, who happens to still look as human as the rest of us. He is the last of his kind and is able to travel through time in his beloved TARDIS – a 1950’s British police box which acts as his “space ship”. The Doctor is able to be played by different actors in different series by his alien-like ability to regenerate and get a new body when he dies. This is how recently the Doctor has been played by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and the current eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. The Doctor also has companions who travel with him in each series. The most loved,in my opinion, must have been Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) who brought her main role of being a comedian to the show, and did so excellently.

One reason to watch the programme is because of its ability to provide us with excellent monsters, with usually crazy names. It’s not just about daleks and cybermen. The recent series brought back a fan-favourite – the weeping angels. These scary angel figures would move towards you whenever you closed your eyes, encouraging the phrase “don’t blink” to be used.

Another reason why Doctor Who should be watched by everyone is how each episode can take place in a different setting, thanks to the time travelling aspect. From different planets, to somewhere on Earth in the future, parallel universes, or even a place memorable to people in History, Doctor Who has it all. A great episode from series six was when the Doctor and his companions visited Adolf Hitler, and appeared to leave him locked up in a cupboard at the end (whether that was Moffat’s idea or not it was pretty funny to notice and who wouldn’t want to watch that?) In a more early episode in 2005 the Doctor went 5 million years into the future to the end of the world. It is crazy, yet so captivating to watch. The scripts are written so well and I do not think the show gets enough recognition as it should.
Matt Smith is to be applauded for his great acting in the current series, and for pulling off all of the many comical moments he provides us with. Putting the great storylines aside, my favourite episodes are usually the ones that have the most comedy in them. Yes, the show is sometimes fast paced and sometimes crazy, but it does not deserve the title of being “confusing”.

I can’t wait for the next series and I hope that it contains even more “confusing” aspects, just to spite the critics! Us real Doctor Who fans appreciate every bit of it. If the answers were given straight away, it would take away the excitement of watching it each week. Overall, Doctor Who is an exciting, innovative show about the Doctor’s quest to save civilisation from being threatened. In the words of Steven Spielberg – “the world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who”.

  • Lolly

    I see your point, but it’s still too confusing…