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The American television drama series, Dexter has grown increasingly popular since its debut in 2006. The blood splatter analyst and protagonist has become one of television’s favourite serial killers.

After the relatively unpopular season 5, season 6 of Dexter premiered on the 2nd of October 2011. The antagonists of the season were played by Edward James Olmos as Professor Gellar and Colin Hanks as Travis Marshall. These serial killers based their killings on biblical texts, specifically the Book of Revelation.

The season introduced many new characters. There was Brother Sam (Mos Def), a former drug addict and murderer who reformed into a spiritual repentant (hence gelling in well with the theme of faith in the series); Jamie Batista (Aimee Garcia) who is Angel’s younger sister and Harrison’s nanny. Dr Michelle Ross (Rya Kihlstedt) plays Debra’s psychiatrist, giving us insight into the complexities of the recently promoted Lieutenant’s mind. Louis Greene (Josh Cooke) who is Masuka’s intern and apart from being interested in Jamie, seems to have a strange fascination with Dexter.Finally, there was Mike Anderson (Billy Brown) an insightful detective and the first guy hired by Deb in her new capacity as team Lieutenant.

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Dexter‘s season six finale was recently aired, on Sunday, December 18, 2011. Throughout the season we viewed the rather perturbing killings of the ‘Dooms Day Killers’ (Travis Marshall and Professor Gellar who killed in the name of religion and faith). About three-quarters of the way into the series it was disclosed that Gellar was merely a figment of Travis’ imagination – a supressed aspect of Travis’ memory – he had killed Gellar but believed that the Professor was still alive. Although this was completely unexpected and a good twist to the series; it made Dexter’s job easier,he now only had to eliminate one Dooms Day Killer.

At the end of episode 11, Travis thought he had got rid of Dexter by making him the victim of “The Ring of Fire” (what Miami Metro thinks will be Travis’ final tableau or re-enactment from The Book of Revelation). In order for the world to end, Travis must get rid of “The Devil” (which is Dexter of course, for if the villain did not have a personal grudge against Dexter, the series would not be whole). However, getting rid of the devil was not Travis’ last move. He had to make a sacrifice – of an innocent – and this would be his last step in God to commence the end of the world.

It was inevitable that Harrison would be this ‘innocent’ and end up in Travis’ hands; only until Dexter, who was not dead of course, intelligently realises Travis’ whereabouts, goes to him, and heroically (but predictably) saves Harrison.

It was the last few seconds of Dexter’s season 6 finale that made it worth watching and different from the standard finale to a Dexter series. Deb walked in on Dexter plunging a knife into Travis’ chest. It seems that many people partly expected that Debra would witness Dexter killing Travis in order to protect his son or in an act of self-defence. Few probably imagined that Deb would walk into one of Dexter’s ‘kill rooms’ and see him victoriously plunge one of his ‘kill tools’ in to Travis’ chest –Bay Harbour Butcher style.

This of course raises a web of interlinked questions. How will Debra handle this? In season 6, Deb has been challenged emotionally, not only was she the new lieutenant of Miami Metro who has to deal with a psychopathic serial killer who kills for God, she also had to deal with the realization that all her failed relationships insinuate that she is in love with Dexter. According to blogs, many fans found the idea of an incestuous (although technically not) relationship between Dexter and Debra “creepy”; many others have keenly embraced the idea as something different and fresh. But will Deb still feel the same way for Dexter after seeing what she did. Will Dexter open up to Deb (which may make her fall more deeply in love with him)? Or will he lie to her and find a way out of it (after all, the number one rule is “Don’t get caught”)?

Season 6 has had its low points. One of them would probably be the badly painted portrait of Dexter as the devil, even worse, the amateur yet efficient way in which Dexter re-crafts it as to make sure it is unseen. However, the finale does give Dexter ‘a fresh start’. It is easy to predict that all Dexter fans are probably eagerly waiting for the fall of 2012 and the beginning of Season 7.

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