Daniel Radcliffe – Why He’s A Special Kind Of Celebrity

The Boy wizard has outgrown his cloak and wand and entered manhood with a bang in new thriller Horns. Since the Harry Potter series ended, Daniel Radcliffe has featured in plenty of big hit films to keep his name in the limelight. His first step away from the wizarding world began with his lead role in the horror film The Woman in Black in which he delivered a brilliantly chilling performance. Radcliffe has featured in several Broadway shows and movies and has made a lot of television appearances, but everyone already knows he’s a superb actor, what most don’t know is what kind of person he is off the big screen.

It’s no secret that more often than not, childhood actors tend to be swayed by the money and fame and come out of their careers with some sort of controversy under their belt (take a glance at Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Macaulay Culkin for evidence) . With drug taking and the leaking of nude pictures child actors seem to do it all – but in some cases they just stray from the sweet and innocent children they were and let their fame control them. The same cannot be said for Daniel Radcliffe. You’d think for somebody playing the main character of the highest grossing film series in history, his ego would be terribly inflated by now, but  Radcliffe appears to be one of the most down-to-earth celebrities there is.

Just see him cry during the final day of shooting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in behind the scenes footage it’s clear that he isn’t just an egotistical actor who had become the world’s most famous child star; he and the other Harry Potter cast members are like family, and after ten years, he was sad for it to be coming to an end. Not only is he passionate about his work, he’s a happy-go-lucky, feel good person who, guess what? Has a sense of humour! Radcliffe clearly doesn’t feel the need to maintain any sort of image or put on a front, he’s pretty much like an old friend from school (see the video for the reason…).

Other than having maybe the best party trick there is and being more like a cool older brother or best friend (Editor’s Note: Or perhaps an overly enthusiastic dad…) rather than an A-List celeb, Daniel Radcliffe is as compassionate as he is funny. Humble as he is, Radcliffe has stayed good friends with close co-workers Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Some controversy has arisen thanks to Emma Watson’s new role as “Women Goodwill Ambassador” for the UN but Daniel was quick to defend her, when an interviewer said that fans struggle to sexualise him because he is known worldwide as the boy wizard whom we all grew up with, he reportedly said:

Well, the male population has no problem sexualising Emma Watson immediately.

It’s clear that Daniel Radcliffe is a pretty decent guy, but is that all? Not quite. Radcliffe has supported over sixteen causes and fourteen known charities including Gay/Lesbian Support, Disaster Relief and Refugees. Some of his autographed material has been reported to have raised around £20,000 for different charities and causes and he donated his own personal Hogwarts Crew t-shirt to raise money for Rebuilding Sri Lanka. Radcliffe is not one for splurging when it comes to his vast fortune, from an interview when he was filming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone up until now his answer has stayed the same: he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with his millions. As Daniel himself has said, “it is not for fast cars and hookers” but, so far, much of it has been for making the lives of others easier to live and for that, he’s one of the rare, wonderful kinds of celebrity.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Horns which is in cinemas now.


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