Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Best Gifts For Music Lovers

It’s Advent so the countdown to Mince Pies, Santa and Nativity has begun! Don’t be caught out hurriedly buying last minute prezzies on Christmas Eve, check out our Christmas Gift Guides here.

If you know a lover of all things music; permanently plugged into headphones, strumming an air guitar or just humming away, these gifts are perfect. Indulge the Muso in your life with our best Gifts for Music Lovers.

#1 Gibson Les Paul Classic 2015

Slash, Page… emulate your guitar hero with the latest version of the classic Les Paul model. A mahogany body ensures a satisfying weight and this bad boy packs a serious punch with power and resonance unmatched by any rival.

Find this classic guitar here for just £699


#2 Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker System

High end sound quality and a wireless connection to your iphone or android from anywhere in the house. The Sonos Play:1 is the future of home music systems. Impress friends at your next gathering or indulge in your Guilty Pleasures Playlist alone. And forget the inconvenience of wire connectivity.

Find the stylish Sonos speaker here for just £169.


#3 Bob Dylan – The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes Complete

Essential for any fan of Dylan, The Band and indeed, music. Recorded in a basement in Woodstock in 1967, Dylan and the musicians who were to become The Band churned out a spontaneous session that would change the course of the ‘60s revolution. Raw, raucous and vital.

Take a trip down memory lane with Dylan’s classics, find them here.



To find this funky turntable click on the image.

#4 Audio-Tehcnica AT-LP 120 USBC Turn Table

Vinyl sales are soaring, and with good reason. The warm sound of a record captures the intensity of live music like nothing else and every LP, with its glorious artwork, is a joy to own. Audio-Technica have pioneered USB turntable technology so that you can transfer your proud collection into mp3 format and take it out and about on your personal stereo. Best of both worlds.


#5 Bryan Ferry ‘In Your Mind’ Limited Edition Print

Having established himself as the coolest man in the country with Roxy Music, Ferry went on to build a remarkable solo career. 1977’s ‘In Your Mind’ was his first record of fully self penned material. And he looks bloody brilliant in those shades. This limited edition print will bring panache to any music lover’s home.

Bring some style to a Muso’s listening shed, buy it here.


#6 Tannoy Precision 6.2 speakers

You’ve got your new USB turntable all set up, but how do you get the most out of your flourishing vinyl collection? By investing in a top of the range set of speakers. And they don’t come much better than these: Dual concentric drive units provide shattering low end bass whilst retaining every tiny detail. Neighbours beware.

Don’t worry, they’re also a “budget” option too, at “just” £1699, they’re a perfect stocking filler.

Click here to buy these premium speakers.


#7 Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour T-Shirt

Country popster Taylor Swift has been adopted by hipsters across the land as an unexpected playlist favourite. This snappy shirt will turn your Swift loving friends green with envy. Those not so keen on her unexpected rise will admire your irony. Win win!

Indulge your inner pop-star here.


#8 Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page

One of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimmy Page has enjoyed an incredible career, sprinkled with a healthy dose of scandal. In this beautiful tome, Page himself has selected the photos that best define him, stretching from his childhood, across his time with Led Zeppelin and recent collaborations with Puff Daddy and Leona Lewis. Not just one for Zeppelin fans, this is a marvelous pictorial history of the last sixty years.

Find the Hardback edition of this Autobiography by clicking the image.


#9 Bose Quiet Comfort 85 Noise Cancelling Headphones – 

Bose have long been pack leaders with their audio equipment and their noise cancelling technology is widely recognised as being the finest out there. These headphones allow you to focus on every production detail on that favourite track, without unwanted intrusions from the outside world. Bliss.

Head over to for more info.


#10 Piano Teapot, The Teapottery (The Teapottery 1-Piece Medium Ceramic Piano Mid Size Teapot)

Every music fan loves a cuppa and what better way to serve the good stuff than out of this magnificent receptacle? Not just a piano, but the sort of homely stand up we’d all love in our parlour. That’s better…

Find this for the alarming price of £66.95 on Amazon…





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