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Know a friend or family always at the cinema or listing their favourite films? Look no further, these film related gifts are perfect for them. 

10) Tree Decorations

For any Disney fans who want to spice up their Christmas tree for their children (or want to pretend it’s for their children), the Disney Store has released a whole range of utterly lovely Christmas decorations. Many of them are based on specific characters so if your friend or family member has a favourite Disney film, these might provide a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift, to bring a little childish magic to an adult Christmas.

Find them at The Disney Store.

9) T-Shirts

Redbubble is a site that sells independent artists’ work, including a plethora of quirky film-related designs, which can be put on posters, stickers, t-shirts of all description (baseball shirts, long-sleeved, sweatshirts etc) amongst others. There’s bound to be a design for whatever film your giftee loves, so just search, choose the colour and type, and it will be there in time for Christmas.

Their main site is here.


LEGO may technically be for children, but it offers countless film-based sets, including Marvel superheroes, The Hobbit, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and many others. It works for adults or their kids, and promises hours of engagement as opposed to a few minutes of play before being discarded in favour of something more exciting.

Batman Vs The Penguin for under a tenner? Yes Please.

7) Fancy Dress/ Cosplay

While this definitely leans more towards the children side of things, a real film fan would appreciate some kind of film related clothing, and it doesn’t have to be an out-and-out costume. Simple things like The Hunger Games Mockingjay pins are available in online stores like Forbidden Planet, which is a subtle way of showing appreciation for a film in a way that would usually be difficult to achieve.

You can be Katniss too, for under a fiver. Click the image to find the pin online.

6) Props

Not the real deal of course, but collectible items from films such as the wands from Harry Potter. These may have little practical use, but nevertheless are always appreciated by die-hard film fans. What’s more, they may even accumulate some value over the years.

Find the Noble Collection Harry Potter’s Wand and other merchandise here.

5) Phone Cases

What with everyone seeming to own a smartphone in today’s modern times, it seems an apt gift to give their prized possession – their phone – some sort of protection. Redbubble has hundreds of designs to make content any fan of what seems like every film ever made, with cases for iPhones and Galaxy phones users.

Find them here.

4) Soundtracks

With films containing music as beautiful as that of The Dark Night Rises and even less serious films like Frozen, the diminishing concept of the CD could quite easily make an appreciated stocking filler this Christmas. CDs can also be transferred to iTunes libraries, making it possible to give the gift of music while refraining from piracy.

Both and many more can be found here.

3) Toys and Figurines

Fancy Operating on a Minion? Click here to find it on Amazon.


Yet another item on the list that seems singularly targeted at children, though toys can found in all varieties and certainly have an appeal for adults, especially those that have been fans since childhood. For instance, there are a range of film-themed board games, like the James Bond Edition of Monopoly and the Despicable Me 2 version of Operation. There are few things that better bring the family together for the festive season.

2) ‘Weapons’

Obviously we’re not condoning the purchase of firearms – we’re talking about replicas of the famous arms used in films. From the classic light saber in Star Wars to the bow and arrow in Brave, they bring back a childish desire to begin pretending again and make for a lively Christmas.

You can find both items mentioned above at The Disney Store.

1) Food

A gift often overlooked and taken for granted, the value of a well thought-out edible present is completely underestimated. Not only is food generally inexpensive, there are hundreds of film-related goods, mainly sweet, on offer, such as Willy Wonka products, of course from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Cookery books are also available, such as that of Shrek, of all people, with a range of themed recipes to engage children and interest adults.

That’s Right, it’s a Willy Wonka Candy hamper. If that’s not guaranteed to put a smile on ANYONE’s face I don’t know what is! Click to buy on Amazon.

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