Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix

After the last two albums sounded so different I was a bit sceptical about the sound that was going to come out of the London band in their third album. The first album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose, caught the hearts of many fans with its indie-pop sound. It was closely followed by Flaws, which took the band down a more folk route which seems to have just been a quick detour as they are back with what they do best; music where the emotion of the songs can be felt through the instruments not just the lyrics. A Different Kind of Fix really confirmed their potential, they dabble with an electric sound on a few tracks such as Still, which still has a poignant and beautiful softness to it.

The stand out tracks are ultimately: Shuffle, the lead single, which sets down the tone of the album with a stabbing piano riff set against the soft tones of Jack Steadman’s vocals and How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep which seems to incorporate the best of the previous two albums. Lights Out, Words Gone feels more soulful and carries a funk riff. It is an ambitious track but seems almost comfortable to the band and edges them closer to the heights they deserve. They are still brimming with innocence and an awkwardness that is endearing as they continue to unearth their sound.

A Different Kind or Fix is available to buy from iTunes and other music stores.

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