Bieber Fever – A Dying Epidemic?

There is no need for me to even introduce the worldwide superstar that is Justin Bieber; whether you love him or loathe him, you know exactly who he is. But whilst young girls scream themselves hoarse and create astounding Twitter armies to defend his honour, there are situations that the star has landed himself in which questions whether there is anything ‘super’ about him at all.

The singer’s career in controversy began when he spat on a group of screaming fans from a balcony at a hotel where he was staying.  Biebs has tried to deny these accusations with the excuse that ‘the photos are edited’ but many fans just weren’t buying it and so he made his first dent in his fan base. Whether the photos are edited or not, one false rumour doesn’t redeem Bieber’s more recent behaviour.

Justin Bieber

Brat – The Biebster in Concert Rights; Stephen Eckert

Bieber’s testicles may have finally dropped but so has his respect from the public.  The million hit YouTube video of his physical attack on a paparazzo has circled and re circled social network sites since the date it was released.  Bieber’s behaviour can no longer be described as just tomfoolery or an act of ‘boys will be boys’, he has had several incidents involving police attention which include his arrest for DUI (the mugshot taken on this occurrence features a smug, smiling JB!) and several court dates as a result of fights with the paparazzi.

Although clearly a danger to society with his reckless driving and quick temper, it isn’t just law-breaking behaviour that Justin Bieber excels in in; his track record with dining in restaurants is rated R – for rude. The worst of his behaviour is undoubtedly when, in a New York restaurant, he was filmed urinating into a mop bucket rather than using the restroom.  After relieving his bladder his entourage cheered him on as he sprayed a picture of Bill Clinton with cleaning product and cursed at the former president.  To name just a couple of other incidents, Bieber has been reported to have demanded a whole restaurant clear so he could eat at someone else’s reserved table and let’s not forget his brawl with Orlando Bloom after claiming to have made a slur about his ex-wife and Victoria secret model, Miranda Kerr.


Video proof of Justin Bieber being the worst young celebrity in the media.

Justin’s fan base – the Beliebers – have turned more than one blind eye at the teen’s unacceptable behaviour claiming that ‘he’s young and everyone makes mistakes’.  The last mistake I made was spilling my drink, I don’t think attending Disneyland in a wheelchair and pretending to be disabled in order to cut lines quite qualifies as ‘a mistake’.

But, alas, his fans believe that the Biebs can do no wrong and launch verbal attacks on anyone who says otherwise.  They cling on to the idea of their idol giving to charity and helping the less fortunate but witnesses have said that when Bieber visited a children’s hospital, he stayed whilst cameras were rolling and then demanded to leave.  He has been reported to have requested a seat away from the children as he ‘didn’t want to be near a load of sick kids’.  Pop sensations and biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, on the other hand have used their music video funds to shoot the worldwide famous homemade video of their own in Accra, Ghana which raised over £2 million for Comic Relief and received over 200 million views on YouTube.

Justin Bieber and One Direction seem to be rival music acts, with their number one hits and biggest “tween” fan bases in the world but the stories of One Direction’s loveliness towards fans, family and their humble acts for charity lean heavily against Justin’s need for stupid behaviour.  It seems as though Bieber’s name is everywhere in the press and in the mouths of the public – but not for any of the right reasons. We can only hope that his next visit to prison lands him there for a very, very long time.