Being Human Series 4 Review


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Being Human Series 4 Review. 

Being Human series 4 has been highly anticipated by all fans of the show. The series starts after many of the fans were left bereft by the departure of a much love vampire character named Mitchell, played by Aidan Turner who understandably left to be a dwarf in the land of The Hobbit. Shortly before the series air date was confirmed, the news was received that now Russell Tovey, who plays George (a werewolf) and Sinead Keenan who plays Nina (also a werewolf) were also leaving.

Even though Aidan Turner is not in series 4, we can’t ignore his great portrayal of the complex character named Mitchell. Personally his reasons for leaving were completely understandable, even as a female I would play a hairy dwarf in The Hobbit, who wouldn’t!? Mitchell hasn’t exactly been the most stable and relatable character, being a blood thirsty vampire, but his character blossomed in series 3. However it was soon clear that because of his past actions, he was tumbling into a web of lies and deceit. He found some comfort in the form of his love for Annie. It was obviously sad and quite annoying that just as this relationship blossomed Mitchell’s vampire life should end.

By announcing this news Being Human fans were obviously at a loss and a lot of them were angry. However what some people seem to forget is the incredible writing of Toby Whitehouse. Even if some of the characters can’t keep the show going, Toby’s writing sure will! The first episode reveals the household at a loss, with the remaining characters; Annie (Lenora Crichlow) the ghost and Tom (Michael Socha) the werewolf, and not forgetting the baby of George and Nina, little Eve. Something tells me baby Eve won’t have the most conventional upbringing with very high expectations.

But Honolulu Heights cannot be without its usual trio of supernaturals, a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. And so the Being Human world welcomes Hal, a posh vampire whose previous life – before he met Annie and co – consisted of also living with a trio of supernaturals in Southend-on-sea. The domino loving Hal is vulnerable and needs the support of his new housemates, but trust and self-discipline doesn’t seem to be his forte at this moment in time.

The acting so far in series 4 has been – as always – superb. The lovable but strong character Annie has been shaped throughout all the series, and is favourited by many of the fans, the recent death of friends has left her dealing with grief and the responsibility of looking after an orphaned baby, no pressure there then! Lenora’s acting excels in this role, and is able to convey every single emotion in a realistic manner.

Tom the new resident werewolf takes centre stage in this series, this time he’s right in the action, helping Annie with the baby and defending his new home Honolulu Heights. Michael Socha’s character in Being Human couldn’t be more different to his past character in This is England. Tom is lovable and somewhat naive, but you would certainly trust him with your life. His heart may easily be taken, but I get the impression he’ll protect you no matter what the consequences.

I’m trying not to put too many spoilers in this review, but I think I definitely need to comment on Russell Tovey’s performance in season 4’s first episode, never have I seen his character George in such distress. I can’t begin to say how well Russell has acted while starring in Being Human, and because of this it certainly is a loss for the programme. As he is such an incredible versatile actor, of course someone would want to whip an actor like that up for their own production. And the same goes for Sinead Keenan who joined Being Human in series 2, the audience could relate to Nina as she was not a supernatural but like most of us, an actual human! But of course her human life was short lived, and her fate was to in fact join her lover in the werewolf life.

Overall it is a shame that these incredible actors left the show, but also what a treat to be given brand new characters also played by great actors who are at the mercy of exciting and outstanding writer Toby Whitehouse. I look forward to the rest of the series, and I hope the fans of the show can give it the chance is most certainly deserves.

You can watch Being Human on Sundays at 9pm on BBC Three

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  • Chris Epic-East

    I think they are doing a great job in season 4 with Hal and Tom, i wasn’t sure about these new characters after the loss of Mitchell and George but after episode 3 im starting to love them also love the fact they have introduced a vampire with OCD in order to keep a routine that stops him from becoming Lord Harry, its a great touch and i can see where going to have some ups and downs with Hal.   

  • reecey009

    Being Human has been my fave tv program since it started, would even say I was slightly obsessed, watch the re runs over and over, watch the same episode, every time its repeated during the week, met Russell Tovey while he was filming the last series. Absolutely LOVE the show. However, I am so so upset and disappointed in the recent series, I was hoping for so much, despite the main characters leaving I knew it would take time, to give it a chance, to re adjust. Even though Hal is a very good addition to the show and the lovable Annie is still there, it’s gone downhill, I hate to say this as it has always been my very fave thing to watch on tv, but this latest series? it really just isn’t doing it for me, it’s not working. It’s getting worse each week and really does feel like its the beginning of the end for one of tvs best shows ever made in history. I’m not sure they can turn it around now either, I will try and watch for a while longer but it saddens me to think this could be the end.