“Avengers Assemble” (The Avengers) – Film Review

The Marvel movie-verse is far from flawless.  While they tend to be much less erratic than their competitors DC (who swing between the giddy heights of The Dark Knight and lows like Green Lantern) a few, especially the more ambitious projects such as Iron Man 2, can end up messy.

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Avengers Assemble (The Avengers in America) could have repeated these mistakes. Both had huge, potentially unmanageable casts, both had a lot of plot going on, both relied on their viewers having solid background knowledge of the Marvel-verse. And as the biggest superhero movie ever made, Avengers Assemble had a long way to fall.

Amazingly though, it was not only a huge improvement, but managed to be worth the hype.

Loki (Thor baddie, Tom Hiddleston) comes to Earth hell-bent on conquer. Fortunately we have government agency S.H.E.I.L.D, led by Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), on our side. He creates a team of elite misfits, the Avengers themselves, to fight back.

The main thing about this film was the characters. They’re the icons, and they are who people want to see. Most have had their own movies already, those that haven’t have at least cameoed. We are supposed to know them, and in lesser hands, that could have meant personality taking a back seat. But every second not taken up with action was character driven, and would have made for pretty compelling drama even without the alien invasion. Everyone acting in this film was almost perfect, to the point where it’s difficult to pick out individuals for praise. More than that, they managed to make a good ensemble cast- every bit as funny, tragic and- importantly- believably as strong a team as their heroic counterparts.

But this wouldn’t have been an action movie without fight scenes, and they were, honestly, among the best choreographed in recent cinema. From robots fighting aliens and gods beating up super soldiers to assassins grappling in the dark, there is hardly a moment misused or wasted; blinking means not only missing something you’ll regret, but possibly a decent chunk of plot.

Avengers Assemble is a great superhero film, and a wonderful movie, put together seamlessly on nearly every level. Everybody should see this.