Arthur Christmas – DVD Review

Who needs father christmas when you have Arthur Christmas? Another new take on a great christmas film which is suitable for everyone, not just children.

We all know the classic tale of how Santa delivers his presents but in this movie it’s 007 style. There is no need for a sleigh when you have a top of the range craft with high quality technology to make delivering presents that much easier, or so they think. A stereotypical jolly santa (Jim Broadbent) has done his duties for another year and as far as all his little helpers are aware and his family, he is ready to retire. However when he announces he is ready for next year jaws drop and cheers break out, apart from Super Steve (Hugh Laurie) who is upset as well as angry due to him supposed to be the next Super Santa.Unknown to everyone, one present has been knocked over which only means one thing; a child hasn’t got a present for Christmas day.

Poster Rights owned by Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations

Poster Rights owned by Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman Animations

You are probably thinking where does Arthur come into this, well Arthur (James McAvoy) is the only one who genuinely cares about Christmas and the true meaning of it. His courageous and loving personality make it seem that anything is possible at Christmas time. His duty is to read all the children’s letters and reply to them, but one letter stands out to him addressed from a little girl called Gwen from Cornwall (Ramona Marquez). Now i think you can tell where this is going, the missing present is for Gwen. Before Santa it makes sense that there was a previous santa; Grandsanta, who is played by Bill Nighy (Love Actually) , who is out to prove that he is the best Santa and takes on the mission to deliver the present to little Gwen before sunrise when all the children will be waking up with smiles on their faces to open their presents. Arthur being Arthur feels bad that a child won’t have anything to be happy about on this joyful day and so joins his grandfather on mission Gwen.

This film is a great film and if you were in the same room as me you would see that I was enjoying it more than the 7 year old sat next to me. Christmas films are always a good way to get you in the spirit and this certainly done the job with all the magic effects and exciting story line. This films does go against the tradition of reindeers, sleighs and santa actually eating treats left by children and instead is based on the concept of technology doing all the work.  Arthur Christmas is bound to get you laughing and as jolly as santa, but not as fat hopefully.

A fun-filled, family film with 100% christmas spirit and mince pies.

  Arthur Christmas is available now on DVD here.


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