Arctic Monkeys Review

November 8 SECC Glasgow

The Arctic Monkeys have sold out tonight in Glasgow, a phrase they are not shy of all across the UK and in fact the world. Many fans have travelled from across Scotland to the frankly giant SECC which is a far cry from their early gigs in the tiny back room of “King Tut’s”.

When the Arctic Monkeys finally take to the stage spirits are high with the crowd being greeted with recent single “Don’t Sit Down Cause’ I’ve Moved Your Chair” off their new album “Suck It and See.” The Sheffield natives are not ones to start off slow and get straight into “Suck It and See” which sees a return to form with sing along choruses and melodic rhythms. Playing a mixture of new songs including “Black Treacle” “She’s Thunderstorms” and previous hit single “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala.”

Photo Coutesy of danisabella

Turner and the band were on form, tight as always with loud guitars, crashing drums and Turner’s vocals sounding better than ever. The crowd were in the palm of his hand,he got them cheering,sometimes even jeering them to start chants but still remained cool as ice, mumbling through various on stage chit-chat here and there; to the crowds delight.

The band even played classic songs from their first album; “Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m Not” to the overwhelming delight of the crowd. With “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” riling the crowd, causing a mass sing along and dancing throughout the 10, 000 plus crowd. Not forgetting their extended versions of “Still Take You Home” and returning to their Sheffield roots along with the always popular number 1 single “When The Sun Goes Down” which involved the crowd singing the whole first verse word for word louder than Turner ever could manage, something you often see in their performances, but when you’re actually there singing it with thousands of others it makes it seem a special moment for everyone.

After leaving the stage they returned for a brilliant but obvious encore to the crowd’s applause playing “Mardy Bum” with Turner challenging the crowd suggesting “Aberdeen the previous night were pretty good at singing this one.” Finishing as is tradition with “505” to end the night.

With four albums now under their belt you are always going to come away from an Arctic Monkeys gig and wish they had played this song or that song but in the end the set they played on the night was brilliant and we wouldn’t expect anything less.


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