A “Smash” Hit – TV Review

When I heard of a new t.v musical I confess my heart did sink at the prospect of another glee. Although (and I will deny this in the future) I do enjoy glee and it’s snazzy songs and some sweet moments, the idea of sitting through 49 minutes of spontaneous and often overly done singing (What highschool has a full band, lighting and production team just lying around waiting for teenagers to burst into song!?) accompanied by stilted dialogue filled me with a sense of dread. However I must admit the new tv show Smashhas pleasantly surprised me. Based on the creation of a new Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe it tells the story of the production as it takes shape while everyone involved in it  balances their often chaotic personal lives with the all-consuming demands of a life in the theatre.

Rights; Universal Television in association with DreamWorks Television

With a strong cast, the talented Debra Messing and Jack davenport as the shows writers, as well as one of my all time favourite actors Anjelica Huston as the musical’s tenacious producer going through a a messy divorce which could jeopardise the shows finances. There are some new faces too in the form of Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty as competing actresses for the much coveted Marilyn role.

Smash may be one of those shows which viewers could very easily fall in love with and I hope, stay with us for a long time. However it does seem that it has limited life as there is only so much it can do with the production of one musical. Perhaps there may be plans for a second season focusing on a new show.

Till then, I am a huge fan of its wonderful actors, beautiful musical numbers and surprisingly addictive story line. And therefore conclude, that in my eyes at least, it is very much a hit.


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