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With Taylor Swift’s success comes great emotional agony still evident in her 5th Studio album, 1989. It proudly states her birth year, and despite the catchy and annoying debut single ‘Shake it Off’, there is still very much an element of the country girl in there. One who just wants to get her emotions onto the page and into an album she can share. 1989 is catchy, fun, different and most relieving of all, not disappointing in any way, shape or form for fans of Swift’s previous work.

‘Shake it Off’ the Single is Out now. Download it here.

In recent years people have noted Taylor’s steady but sometimes obvious transition from country girl to pop-star.  The album’s lead single, ‘Shake It Off‘, is actually just the tip of the iceberg of Swift’s musical talents. ‘Out of the Woods’ (the follow-up single), for example, is a distorted and downright chilling song which tells more of a story than the poppy debut. Swift has proven time and time again that her songs will have a story, a unique sound, and much more than any pop stars such as Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande give today.

In true Taylor Swift style, she addresses the issues that ‘Shake it Off’ raises in the other songs on this album. It can be argued that she almost laughs at herself in the song ‘Blank Space’, with the lyrics “you look like my next mistake”, and “I’ve got a blank space, I’ll write your name”.

The biggest and best relief in this album, though, is the consistent dedication to her devotees. She continues to put the hidden messages in the lyric booklet, a device which fans will relish and ensure they keep buying physical copies of her albums for years to come. Taylor Swift has also been consistent in utilizing the two years it takes her to make an album, producing a theme for the album of being reborn, and taking the listener on a journey through her life. ‘Welcome to New York’ – the first song on the album – is a song true to Taylor Swift, only she could authentically capture her recent move to New York. The song plunges the reader into a weird world of broken hearts, “next mistakes” and “bad blood”.

What is so fascinating about her songs, and lyrics, is that she has an incredible ability to write true art, which very few pop stars have. She creates downright personal songs which capture a moment.

Taylor proves she has what it takes to be a true pop star. This album is synth filled fun with every story connecting to every beat, it’s a true work of art.

1989 by Taylor Swift is out now, buy the Deluxe Edition – with bonus content – here.

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