The Media’s Sieve

Linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky

The mainstream media is seen by many as a reliable and respectable source of information. The BBC, ITV news and Sky news are the most popular sources of televised daily information. But why do these seemingly respectable and apparently only slightly biased newspapers consistently choose to omit several important figures from their stories? The fact is, though they may claim to represent either ends of the political spectrum, they are decidedly in one camp. This is the camp that satisfies the system. That is why, people who challenge the system, regardless of their academic prestige or worldwide acclaim, are practically ignored. It is the job of the mainstream media to ensure that their viewers, the general population, only know what is convenient for the system. After all, those in positions of power, such as people in government, banking or corporate news, want to keep their roles.

Marginalisation has been a characteristic of Noam Chomsky’s career since he began saying the wrong things. When I say the wrong things, I mean according to those who decide what is right and what is wrong. Chomsky was first renowned academically for his contributions to the fields of linguistics and psychology and has been highly respected ever since. What he has become world famous for is his criticism of American foreign policy and his knack for uncovering the horrible truth. He has spent a lot of his time scouring archives and as a result, he is the author of over 100 books, mostly political, and all widely acclaimed. The fact that most people haven’t heard of these books, and indeed haven’t even heard of Chomsky, results from the fact that governments and news corporations consider his work to be detrimental to the system. He exposes countless war crimes of the US government from the cold war to today and the CIA’s role in overthrowing a myriad of third world governments, most of the time because these governments worked against the best interests of America’s economic power and for the best interest of their people. He famously said “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged”. The most cited living author, and the eighth most cited source of all time astoundingly receives hardly any attention from the mainstream media.

The next subject of this article is Republican nominee for the US presidential candidacy Ron Paul. American politics, as you should know, has a very large impact on the rest of the world which is why I include Paul in the article. This man does nothing more than speak the truth. He sees the Federal Reserve as the heart of the economic crisis, and many before it, and his argument is undeniable. It is a body which benefits only the upper class and leaves the middle and lower classes chasing after their debts. Apart from this, he bravely stated what should be common sense, “We are under great threat because we occupy so many countries, we’re in 130 countries, we have 900 bases around the world…”. The fact that Ron Paul has what is somehow considered by the media as extremist ideas, when in fact they are just logical, is why he too is marginalized. If he ever is mentioned, he is often scoffed at and described as unelectable despite him being consistently voted 1st at a majority of the straw polls that have been held. That said, Ron Paul has seen a slight increase in media coverage ever since comedian Jon Stewart drew attention to that fact that he was being ignored, saying “…by the way, this pretending Ron Paul doesn’t exist has gone on for weeks… How did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor of a hotel?”

The fact that the mainstream media consistently overlooks whoever they deem would blemish the system should be of concern to us, the people. We apparently live in a fair, open minded society where everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a fair chance of becoming Prime Minister or President. But how are we supposed to hear those who try to help when they are being gagged and filtered out by the media’s sieve?