The E-Joint – A Blessing Or A Curse?

The dutch company E-Njoint has released their new original product which has caused a lot of controversy worldwide – the E-Joint. Developed like an E-Cigarette, this product will serve as a legal substitute for smoking real life cannabis as it contains no tar, nicotine or THC (the psychoactive drug found in cannabis), yet supposedly gives the user the satisfaction of a regular spliff. Although seemingly harmless to users, are these E-Joints actually effective at stopping people from using real ones, or are they simply promoting actual cannabis for new and inexperienced users?

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Since their release, these new E-Joints have raised the question, what is the real point if the THC is no longer found in the product? This means that, for the people who smoke cannabis to get high, this new invention will serve no purpose. E-Njoint has stated that there is no cannabis in their product so as to not be harmful and not get users high. So in reality, for the people expecting to escape from using real cannabis by finding a healthier alternative with the same effect, this product will be completely useless.

The product itself works by vapourising Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin into water vapour so is completely safe and will have no real effects on one’s health. Although offering various different flavours to attract users, and the company expressing interest in making a cannabis flavour, in actual fact, the product itself has no real relation to cannabis in the slightest, other than the name that it has been given. So although yes, the product is safe and different from cannabis, this isn’t actually a good thing, and can cause many more problems.

For inexperienced and younger children who have never tried drugs before, so as to ‘play it safe’, they are likely to try one of these E-Joints, expecting to get a genuine taste of what smoking real cannabis is like. Obviously, being flavoured and completely different to real cannabis, this will negatively influence these users and is likely to make them more inclined to try the real thing, expecting exactly the same effect that the E-Joint has given them which can obviously lead to addiction and many other health problems associated with cannabis. Also, being more accessible than cannabis and most probably, cheaper, it will be so easy for children to get a hold of them and use them.

So what does this mean for the E-Joint? Is it a blessing or a curse?

Giving the user a completely different experience to what smoking real cannabis would be like, it is likely that among people who have an addiction already, this E-Joint will have absolutely no commercial success as it will give nothing to the users other than perhaps a disappointing placebo effect. The only real effect that this product is likely to have is to create more interest in the already popular cannabis within young people, promoting its use in a false way through its completely different experience. With more of these E-Joints around, children are more likely to want to try the real thing. At close inspection, it is clear that this new E-Joint will serve as nothing but a problem for society.



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