Live: Scottish Referendum Live Blog – Scotland Votes NO to Independence


In an historic vote for Scottish referendum, the 84% of the electorate which voted have elected to stay as part of the United Kingdom. 

Main Points on The Scottish Referendum:

  • Scotland Votes No to Independence.
  • 55% No vs 45% Yes.
  • Only four Constituencies voted in Support of Independence.
  • Glasgow and Dundee Voted Yes. West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire also voted Yes.
  • Highlands Vote Delayed by Accident on the A9; still to declare its answer.
  • 84% of the Scottish Electorate turned out to Vote in the Election.
  • 16 Year Olds voted for the first time in the history of UK democracy.
  • SNP Leader Alex Salmond has conceded defeat and then resigned as the head of the SNP and as Scotland’s First Minister. In regard to devolved powers, he expects “these to be honoured in rapid course”.
  • His Deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, has expressed how “deeply disappointed” she is at the result.
  • David Cameron: “There can be no Disputes and No re-runs” & “I want to congratulate the No campaign… our nations are Better Together”.
  • He also hinted at devolved powers for the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland.
  • Pound rises on two year high against Euro and rises against the Dollar.

  • Tracy Webster

    “Most Up To date Survey by Ipsos MORI (for London’s Evening Standard)”

    That’s funny. I don’t remember hearing an update that London was going to be allowed that vote on this issue! So I don’t think that poll really counts as anything.

    • Harry Parkhill

      The vote was commissioned by a London newspaper but conducted by Ispos Mori, a UK company which conducted polls in Scotland.