Leeds Bradford Airport Safety Standards Slip

At exactly 6:30AM Leeds Bradford Airport ring their alarms. Passengers waiting in the departures remain seated as the alarm sounds. Unsure of what to do, the passengers look around and what patiently.

Passengers are left clueless after leaving the LBA building. By C.Corner

Long after, it is visible that a manager of LBA or of some sort angrily progresses through the airport telling his own staff to lead the passengers to safety.

Not only did the staff lack in guidance and information but also the fire exit route was not to safety guidelines with building debris partially in the way.

As passengers awaited outside to hear of what the next procedures were, it took a fire marshall 15 minutes to be on the scene and only tell passengers to step to the side of the building.

Nathan Cookson, Jet2 passenger, said: “Leeds Bradford Airport is the worst organisation I have ever travelled with, unprepared, unorganised and unfriendly.”

At 4 degrees it can be somewhat unfair treatment, leaving all passengers complaining over the company and it’s standards.