There was a time when I didn’t like to use the word ‘Hypocritical.’ It doesn’t seem fair to question ones beliefs based on ones actions. I believe people like to call this ‘ad hominem’ logical fallacy’. My Dad calls it “do what I say, not what I do”. The point is, none of us are perfect and we should judge people’s arguments fairly regardless of their actions.

The OED definition of Hypocrisy is:

‘The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case

Hypocrisy in an organisation’s policies is a weed that must be pulled out. Unfortunately I believe that the hypocrisy that courses through UKIP is too toxic, dangerous and widespread to deal with. I’m not saying ban UKIP, let us just gently deflate them as we did to the BNP and the EDL.

It is frustrating from my point of view that reasonable discussion about UK independence from the EU as been overshadowed by UKIP, and other party’s, backward thinking policies and ideology. I am pro Europe but I’m also pro Democracy and believe the British people should be given the choice about whether or not it is best to stay in the EU in the current climate.

I haven’t got enough battery life, or come to think about it, enough life in me, to highlight all of the many hypocrisies of UKIP so I shall focus on one topical issue.

Last week, Bristol UKIP’s vice chair, John Langley, was ‘outed’ (if that’s the right word) as porn star, Jonny Rockard. The 49 year old, who is running to be a councilor in the city’s Stockwood constituency, told the Brisol Post: “This is no big deal, it is just electioneering and it is the type of thing you expect in the run up to any election. I have never made a big deal out of what I do and I am not breaking any laws.”

In this I totally agree with him. As Vice so expertly pointed out, there is no shame in working in the adult sex industry, it is being the vice chair of UKIP Bristol for which he should feel ashamed. I have some respect for UKIP for not jumping on the band wagon, as many other parties would, and firing Mr Rockard, sorry, Mr Langley, to save political face. It may simply be that they have no political face left to save but I respect the sentiment all the same.

If only UKIP’s moral fiber was as firm as Mr Langley’s stage name. For UKIP to come out in support of their candidate and his chosen profession shows the party has no qualms with the British porn industry. That’s OK, neither do I, as long as everything possible is done to prevent the exploitation and objectification of women and to a lesser extent men. Unfortunately there are elements of the UK porn industry where this is far from the case.


Image Rights; By Euro Realist Newsletter.

John ‘Rockard’ Langley himself has starred in and created such films as ’50 shades of Jonny Rockard’, ‘Jane’s porn audition at Jonnie Rockard HQ’, ‘Jonny Rockard’s Anglo-Asian student’ and most ironically of all ‘Jonny Rockard fucks Hungarian Nymph.’

Now the multitude of jokes that sprung to my mind simply weren’t as funny as that simple fact. A UKIP candidate made a film called ‘Jonny Rockard fucks Hungarian Nymph.’ UKIP have accidentally made the best joke in history.

Now lets think about it for a second. Exploitation and objectification is an issue we should all care about as a society; UKIP’s support of ‘Jonny Rockard Fucks Hungarian Nymph’ shows they just don’t. All of a sudden it isn’t funny at all. UKIP are a dangerous, malevolent force that are being dealt with as we wise up to their crudity.

I’m not condemning the justifiable fears of individuals with regards to immigration. It is an issue but it is not a big enough issue to base an entire campaign on and I openly condemn any party who plays on and exaggerates instinctive but often warped fears, purely to gain votes.

UKIP claim to care greatly about Muslim child sex gangs, female gentile mutilation and the persecution of women  in countries like Saudi Arabia. They hijack moral objectification to fuel their racist, exploitative, cruel, backward, and most of all, totally illogical ideas. All this when they clearly do not truly care about issues that matter to women in Britain. This to my mind better defines the word ‘hypocritical’ than the OED.


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  • Jim Finbow

    Agreed about UKIP. But a party not worth worrying about, they’ve had their high now they’ll just disappear as people realise their candidates just aren’t credible. Have faith that the British people on the whole aren’t as gullible as the media make out. Now a party to worry about? the SNP……. there’s the subject of a good article