The Conservatives are on track to win a small majority after one of the most engrossing and hotly contested General Elections in decades. Labour have lost swathes of seats to their incumbent opposition and even more in Scotland where the SNP have taken all but three seats.
But it is the Lib Dems who have fared worse, although Nick Clegg remains as MP for Sheffield Hallam he is the leader of a party with only 8 MPs. Before yesterday there was over fifty Lib Dem members of parliament.
SNP support in Scotland has seen an incredible surge in support amid heavy losses for The Labour Party. Leader Jim Murphy has lost his seat and numerous significant senior Liberal Democrats have lost theirs too. There are already rumours suggesting that both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband may lose their leadership roles over the losses their parties have seen under their leadership.

The SNP is predicted to hit highs of 58 MPs, a massive increase on their existing 6 seats. Whilst the Lib Dems are set to lose many of their seats to exist on only 10 (down from 57), many of those expected to be from senior members in Scotland. A large number of the constituencies in which the Lib Dems were second have seen their vote share decimated.

The Youngest MP elected in Parliament this year is Mhairi Black, 20 year old student who beat Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary (Douglas Alexander) in Scotland. The swing was 26% away from Labour to SNP.

Although very few Conservative seats have been announced so far, the predictions and swing is looking to benefit the Tories. They are predicted to be the largest party in parliament.

The exit poll is predicting 316 seats for the Tories, 239 for Labour, 10 for the Liberal Democrats and 58 for the SNP.

The story so far is also suggesting a large swing to UKIP in significant areas of the country. Although 2 seats is the predicted number, the percentage share of the vote is predicted to have increased significantly in many areas.

Despite an excellent showing at the Eastleigh by-election only a year ago, UKIP suffered there and the Lib Dems lost the seat to UKIP. Douglas Carswell wins his seat in Clacton for UKIP and speaks of the imbalance of First Past the Post.

The Green Party have yet to announce a win, any likely wins for them are to be at around 5 o clock.

Plaid Cymru and the DUP have announced three seats and 6 seats respectively. Plaid Cymru gains are no-doubt because of national exposure of Leanne Wood in Leaders’ Debates.


Labour: 228
Conservative: 315
Liberal Democrats: 8
SNP: 56
Green: 1
Plaid Cymru: 3
DUP: 8

Other: 15